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Classic Gold Bar February 10, 2010

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ZITURA produced some very classic fine gold wrist watches in the 90s.  This is one of the rare pieces; it comes with Swiss Bank Corporation 2-g gold bar s/no. 01872



1. rubin - October 4, 2010

I have one piece of this watch.Please can you tell me his value

Admin - October 7, 2010

Dear reader,

Under normal condition such Gold ingot watch is worth no more than its weight of the gold.
However, this piece is minted when the Swiss Bank Corporation was still in operation. Now that the bank is already non-existance (merged under UBS), therefore, this piece could potentially sell in the market to purposeful collectors. I would expect that it could fetch up to USD3,000 now.

2. josh - November 10, 2010

i have the same watch…Swiss Bank Corporation 2-g gold bar s/no. 01872, and on the back s/no. 57 893B …ladies version i think. i contacted zitura and they told me in 1998 it sold for 1 500 swiss francs. i only have the original box it came in. where would be my best bet to sell this item ?

3. Sunny - February 6, 2011

I have the same watch but for men 57 893 my aunt gave me as a gift in 1995 and told me the strap is 18k gold so wil not change the color never used still in the box like to know how much is worth she told me at that time in 1995 she paid $3500 thnx

Admin - February 13, 2011

Such gold-bar watches varied in market reslae prices. It all depends on buyer’s preferences.
Those in mint condition will fetch better price.

Sunny - August 11, 2013

I also bought in 1995 and paid $3600.

4. augusto - February 22, 2011

how i know if my zitura swiss bank corporation is original???? i cant see in my watch the little “z” in the top, or in the side of the “12” this is important??? please answer me

Admin - February 23, 2011

To validate your Zitura watch, first thing first is to check whether there’s original certificate/invoice of purchase and package.
The Swiss bank ingot comes with a serial number on its face.
Of cos, high quality workmanship is another criteria.

5. samyy - May 2, 2011

hello everybody..i have the same watch…Swiss Bank Corporation 2-g gold bar s/no. 01872, and on the back s/no. 57 893B …ladies version i think. i wants to sell it
i dont know how things work her i means should i leave my number phone or my email adress thats peopls interess to bye it can contact me………

6. john - July 8, 2011

y have to one of this watch..but whit gold armband…

Admin - July 10, 2011

This watch is no longer in production… hence prices are not available.
It was sold at about USD700 in about 10 years ago.

7. Hope - August 6, 2011

I have a similar watch I found in my uncles house when he passed. I am wondering how to tell if it is authentic? The 12 o’clock hour doesn’t look different as the one in the picture. Otherwise identical.

8. Skull - September 16, 2011

I hope people realize that since so many of you have the same watch with the same exact serial number, that must likely, unfortunate that it may be, that its a fake.

Admin - September 16, 2011

From Amin: You might be confused with the gold bar log no. and the watch model no. , those are not the serial no. of the watches…

9. kas - September 19, 2011

Hi,I have the same but only 1G. can you tell me how much they cost thank you very much

Admin - September 23, 2011

Hi, Kas
Hard to assess just based on your few words. However, such pieces could easily fetch up to USD500 or more depending on condition of the watch.

10. kas - September 23, 2011

Hi,thank you for your answer my watch exactly the same made by swiss bank corp. same as the picture with stainless steel case back say swiss quartz movement condition 90% thank you very much

11. aikee - April 27, 2012

hi this is the watch of my wife it says swiss bank corporation fine gold 999.9 also listed the # below 01872 from zitura watch how much is the price for this one where is the gold located in this watch…

Admin - April 27, 2012

The 999.9 gold is made into the watch dial. Such watches would typically sell for USD1,200 depending on conditions.

aikee - April 27, 2012

can u help me where can i sell this watch..can you gave me any site where i can post this watch to be viewed by the buyers…thanks again

Admin - April 27, 2012

you may use eBay for that becos they use Paypal system for payment

12. rosh - May 7, 2012

Ilike to buy .

13. Gabe - June 13, 2012

I have a very similar watch with the exact same gold bar, but made by Chaterlain Geneva. It’s 1g.
Has anyone ever heard of them. Is it worth anything?
Would ebay be my best bet to sell it?

Admin - June 13, 2012

Yes, eBay will be a good place to sell.
Such tiny gold bar watches are no longer made. Some collectors are going after them. Good luck.

14. Chris nash - July 3, 2012

I have the same one shown in the picture above.. mine has a gold arm band that says it’s gold plated how much is it worth to the right buyer and if any one is interested in the watch please email me at chrisnash187@gmail.com

15. Dee - April 13, 2013

I have the same watch but the “12” is not a “Z” and the dial does not have a “Z” either. The front # is also 01872 and the back# is 57 891B, it is “1B” instead of “3B” like the others. It has the original band but I don’t have a certificate. It was just given to me. Do you think this is real?

Admin - April 13, 2013

From Watchpage: It could be different batch of production variant.

16. Mats Hjalmarsson - July 4, 2013

i have the same watch, I bought it in Biel Switzerland 1991. I really want to sell it to someone who care for it. please write me for more info at miam21@hotmail.com

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18. Thakshila - April 2, 2014

I have the similar watch but with stones look similar to diamonds marking 12,3,6,9 hrs. i would like to get the value of this peace// thakshi2@hotmail.com

Admin - April 3, 2014

It all depends on the used market current trends on this watch… And also it’s condition. I would say with mint condition it may fetch from Usd1,500 – 2,000

19. miam21@hotmail.comAdmin - May 29, 2014

still wants to sell my Watch please Contact me

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