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The 12 Apostles February 26, 2010

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The story begins with this watchshop owner who went to Switzerland in the mid 1990s, made an order of 10 pieces of “Apostle” watches, uniquely made in accordance with buyer’s wish. You are seeing one of them on this blog. This shop owner was asked by members of an Indonesian church to place such a special order – with the 12 apostles names forming the hour markers on watch dial where also a christian cross was placed. The church’s intention then was to give those watches to pastors. 

During the trip to Switzerland, in fact the watchshop owner ordered an extra piece, this 11th piece was meant as a special gift for his good friend (happened to be a pastor in the USA). The pastor friend promised to visit him in Singapore soon and to collect the watch.  However, his friend never kept the promise…

The eventual outcome – What you get to see here, it is the no.11th piece of the unique Apostle Watch!  The shop owner finally put the watch up for slaes after 4 years of waiting for his pastor friend to visit him but to no avail. Therefore such a wonderful piece ended up in my collection and readers now get to appreciate its beauty … and this watch comes with a mechanical movement.

This is a rare collection... Swiss Made.

"Later Jesus appeared again to the disciples..." John 21:1



1. wopoko - June 2, 2011

Could you advise where to purchase the saint-watch?

Admin - June 7, 2011

The “Saint Watch” was not a series production at all. It was a special order by a church in Indinesia. Only produce very limited number of pieces for the church’s pastorial staff. I was lucky to be offered the Last piece by a shop in Singapore that had made the special order with Swiss manufacturer.

2. shelia - August 6, 2011

How can I order this watch

Admin - August 8, 2011

Many are impressed by the 12 Apostles watch shown here.
This happened to be the only batch of such watches specially made by the Swiss manufacturer, ordered by an Indonesian church long ago.

Kevin - January 29, 2015

Do you still have this piece or did you end up selling it?

Admin - January 29, 2015

Yes, i am keeping it for myself…. Too rare.

3. bhaktavatsala. velchuri - June 6, 2015

I need this apostles watch three pieces.

Admin - June 26, 2015

Sorry, no more in production and stock many years ago.

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