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The Gold Seamaster Story May 9, 2010

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This is a fond legacy to be passed down… as part of this collectible piece of Omega vintage Seamaster with very special 18k gold-capping case, circa early 1970s.

The gold watch was produced in an era that in Europe, gold material was in short-supply (late 1960s – 1970s).  Some of the established watch companies went on to produce such gold-capping products for the markets.  The gold-capped watches would have a layer of real gold “hard cover” on top of the steel watch casing.

This piece of Omega gold-capped seamaster was found in Cambodia.  It was most likely a gift to a local lady by her American boyfriend then.  Eventually this watch ended up in a watch shop and sold for a couple of hundred USD.

It could string along a beautiful love story embeded in time… through this collection.

Elegant & matured... and time tells many stories



1. Watches for her - May 9, 2010

About 35 percent of the gold that is mined each year comes from the deep, rich mines of South Africa. Watches for her

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