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Breitling “serie speciale chrono Callisto” July 17, 2010

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My Breitling Callisto Chrono collection
(Info extracts from web)
This version (produced in late 1980s to very early 1990s) has its case entirely polished. The rare version that among Breitling special edition models with display back. The case back says Série spéciale Chrono Callisto B11047 and opens with the newer 15-radii tool. The name also changed from ”Callisto Chrono“ to ”Chrono Callisto“ as compared with early version.
The Breitling Callisto Chrono is a medium sized mechanical chronograph, designed for men or women, powered by a traditional Breitling Caliber 11 mechanical movement.  The movement is what makes this watch so special. 
The Callisto Chrono movement (Caliber 11) is based on the Lemania 1873 and it was originally made for the famous Omega Speedmaster “moon watch”. 
A Callisto Chrono is worn by actor Richard Dean Anderson in television series MacGyver (see pic.)
The watch’s 4 rider tabs are made of 18K gold.
This is probably the smallest mechanical chronograph ever made by Breitling. The dial is protected by a flat crystal. There are 4 screws to hold the rider tabs. Dimensions are 36.5 × 12.4 mm

Breitling Chrono Callisto


Caliber 11

actor Richard Dean Anderson with his Callisto Chrono

first version of Callisto chrono



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