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Spirit of F1 Honda Racing September 27, 2010

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The Singapore F1 Grand Prix has just concluded over the weekend.  The event brings about memory of this Seiko limited edition chornograph – F1 Honda Racing.

The Honda Racing Team ceased to exist after the 2008 F1 season due to the financial crisis.  But their effort and legend in the F1 races continue to inspire, that the racing team outfit was sold to legendary Ross Brawn who led the remaining members of the team and went on to win the F1 World Champion (driver & constructor) title for 2009 season.  Now this team has been sold to Mercedes GP and run under the Mercedes banner this season of F1 races.

What you see on this page is the 2007 limited edition of F1 Honda Racing chronograph produced for Honda racing team members and fans.   

Red colour F1 Honda Racing logo on the watch dial


Sweet Memories of Marilyn September 22, 2010

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Shown in the picture is her ID issued by the US Defense Department during Monroe’s trip to Korea in 1954 to perform for the troop.

Also shown below is the rare limited edition Monroe watch by Andy Warhol, king of modern pop arts.

Strands of History – A piece of Golden Gate Bridge September 15, 2010

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This is a piece of rare history that definitely forms a memorable part of the Golden Gate Bridge construction in San Francisco, USA.

Limited number of this “strands of steel cable” from the original suspender cable produced for the Golden Gate Bridge were kept and made into a highly valuable souvenir authorized by California State. The imprint serial number is on the back of the medallion.

The owner of this rare piece of strands of steel from the original suspender cable was presented with this souvenir by IBM International, for his role as one of the VIP platform speakers (among some distinquished personality like James Baker, ex-US Secretary of State) at the Global Insurance Executives Conference held in San Francisco in 2003.

Authentic history

Modern Samurai Spirit September 7, 2010

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Seiko in the turn of the Millennium had produced a series of special wrist watches named “Seiko Spirit” – the Samurai Spirit.
The watch shown here was produced in mid 2000s. A mechanically powered automatic watch (calibre 6R15) with fine calibrations on the inside rim coupled with Arobic numbers hour markers.

The side of watch lugs was polished and cut in the shape of a Samurai sword blade; very traditional Japanese sense of pride for its high qaulity workmanship just like making a Samurai sword.  This is the begining of adopting such design cue for subsequent premium Seiko watch models.

Mercedes Benz Classic re-visited September 6, 2010

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The original batch of car watches that Mercedes Benz introduced under its own “house brand” are rather rare and unique.  The picture below shows one of the mechanical (hand-winding) movement MB watches in the late 1990s. 

The watch dial at 12 o’clock signed Mercedes Benz and at the lower portion the indication of Alarm in red.

G-SHOCK 25th Anniversary Limited Edition September 4, 2010

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G-SHOCK watches are so common but you may yet to see this  slightly different model.  Shown here is the CASIO D/W 1545EH which is one of the limited edtions made to commemorate G-SHOCK’s 25th Anniversary.  This piece bears special signatory icon of a Japanese pop star on the white rubber strap.

Besides, on the watch LED screen the wording “CASIO 20BAR” and “SHOCK RESIST” imprint are on red background colour.  This is unusual for G-SHOCK.

A special feature of this watch is that when the light is turned on for the screen in the dark, the signatory icon of the Japanese pop star will also appear on the LED screen.  See the following pictures.