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Christopher Columbus’ Flagship February 4, 2011

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This piece of very very rare Longines wrist watch was produced in circa 1957 to commemorate historical feat of Christopher Columbus who found North America.  The US celebrates the event on every October 12 each year – Columbus Day.

The Longines hand-winding wrist watch featured here is made of solid rose gold casing, coupled with classic design of minature second hand on its dial, topped with bubble glass.  The word signed “Flagship” is clearly visible on the dial.

On the case back of the watch, an embossed sailing ship.  It is the flagship of which Columbus led his crew & fleet in adventure and eventually arrived in North America.  A watch that truly marks a great adventure in history.

This is an original piece (1957), NOT a replica made a few years ago by Longines to mark the unique collection.



1. facebook - February 17, 2011

i love it

2. kimberly - March 4, 2011

yeah nice

3. Admin - March 9, 2011

From the owner:

This is the original piece of “flagship” produced by Longines in the 1950s. Great workmanship and historical value.
I acquired it by chance.

4. Ines - January 14, 2012

Thanks a lot for this great post.
Would you please post a photo of the crown.
I have the same watch (alas not yet so beautiful as the dial is stained) and I am wondering if my crown is genuine because it has not Longines logo embossed)
Thanks a lot.

5. website - June 7, 2012

extremely useful material, all round I imagine this is worthy of a book mark, cheers

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