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Disney Special Edition Watches: Finger-Pointing May 27, 2011

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Disney creates fabulous cartoon characters that fill the dreams of millions of children in the world. Disney is to them the ‘Dream World’.

From time to time Disney releases special edition wrist watches featuring its cartoon characters. As readers would see from the two models shown below.

The Mickey Mouse model is the one that was produced for Mickey’s 50th Year Anniversary. It was manufactured by Lorus – with Seiko mechanical movement. It is different from those that’s produced in Quartz.  The main attraction of Disney character watch remains the “finger-pointing” hour & minute hands swinging around on the dial.


GEO – Anti-magnetic Vintage May 23, 2011

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There’s this piece of vintage wrist watch brand, GEO. It is expected the piece was produced circa 1940 – 1950 period, for engineers working in extreme magnetic field.  Hence the watch dial indicates the word: ANTIMAGNETIC. The watch crown is positioned and shaped for easy winding and time adjustment, even with glove on.

Tried searching the web about history of GEO watches but to no avail. However, currently there’s a watch brand with the same name (GEO) producing modern diving and advanture digital watches. Hard to know whether this is the same company that produced the piece of vintage?

The GEO Antimagnetic watch shown here has a unique automatic mechanical movement. It’s not powered by commonly known winding Rotor, but a “hammer” swinging horizontally within the space of the mechanism within the arc of 180 degree.  Omega Watch in the 1950 – 1960s produced some of its models with the same design. 

Seiko Blue Monster (Circa 2007) May 15, 2011

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15th May 2011  SUN

Blue Monster (circa 2007)

This is the “Blue Monster” produced by independent watch artist based on Seiko Divers 200m.

It’s dial was specially hand-crafted by experienced craftsman using high-tech material.

This “one & only limited edition” was made for a special order by client in 2007 Christmas seasons.

Rare Collection: BOVET Vintage Chronograph May 11, 2011

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This is one piece of chronograph history dated back to 1930s, produced by one of the most prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer, BOVET.

Bovet started watch manufacturing since 1822. It gained highest reputation then, been the one who produced pocket watches for  by Qing Dynasty emperors, royalty and court officials.

It is extremely rare for Bovet to have produced chronograph wrist watches over its long history. This piece circa 1930s could be the only one of not just a few still exist. Because, in those days, Bovet only produced about 12 pieces for each model they designed for special customers.

This piece shown here was bought in Europe by a collector. For now, the writer owns it.

Modern Bovet watches, still well-sought after