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ROLEX A.G. Parry gold September 27, 2011

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27th Sept 2011  TUE

A Historical Piece of Rolex / heirloom (?) 

What readers witness below is an antique Rolex pocket watch (gold-capping) dated back to 1900.  It’s a mechanical keyless hand-winding piece of treasure passed down over a century.  This piece was found and sold in Australia. 

The piece has the initial of A.G. Parry on its gold-capped case back. Whether it is a name of a person OR a company that no one would know.  The pocket watch dial was made in silver with gilded shine.  The hour and minute hands are of original antique design. Below in the 6 o’clock position a small dial indicates the running seconds in time.

The piece was inspected thoroughly by Rolex Centre and was confirmed to remain “100% original” parts manufactured by Rolex in 1900.  

Some experts estimated that the piece would fetch fairly good value approximately in the range of USD100,000 in an auction that could attract serious collectors.

Rolex initial on the dial without the Rolex Crown. As the crown logo was not yet in practice in those early days

The piece was found and sold in Australia



1. slepsnys - November 17, 2011

Verry interesting watch, maybe You could do a photo of this movement?

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