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Rare Vintage Seiko 5 Speedtimer 6139-7002 / 7100T October 26, 2011

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26th Oct 2011  Wed

Truly Rare Stuff – Seiko 5 SpeedTimer Vintage (3169-7002 / 7100T / Brown Dial, circa 1970s)

Many of you could find vintage Seiko chronograph watches from the website. Mostly of the early generation model chronograph made by SEIKO in the 1960s – 1970s. These vintage watches are using the famous 6139 chronograph mechanical movement. 

But the rear gems of Seiko chronograph watches in the 1960s – 1970s are those marked SEIKO 5 (Sports).  In those days, Seiko 5 were the sporting models specially made for tough and rough usage. Such vintage watches are rare on the market these days.

Among the Seiko 5 SpeedTimer chronograph watches (6139-7002 series), those with the brown colour dial, marked with red SpeedTimer mark and the number 7100T on its dial are even rarer.   (see photos below).

Most rare version of Seiko SpeedTimer series

Very rare Brown dial for Seiko 5 Speedtimer chrono

Other versions of Seiko 6139-7002 chronograph watches are shown below:


ORIS Classic Aviation – Pink Gold Collection October 19, 2011

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Oris Classic Aviation Watch

With new designed watches that are modernized and hi-tech looks, Swiss watch maker ORIS no longer produces classic pieces that were once adored by many collectors. 

Here’s one of the 1990s collections endowed with pink-gold plating, the model 654.  It is encased in a see-through glass case back that demonstrates the 25 jewels automatic movement. 

The watch dial is a complete classical design theme in which the dates are indicated by a moving fork & pincer.  Another unique element is the larger than normal winding crown on the watch. It is designed for aviation industry. i.e. pilots with large fingers or wearing gloves would find it easy to operate the crown. 

It is known that this pink gold series was produced as a special edition.

Pristine watch movement for appreciation through the glass

Seiko Diver “Workhorse” 7S26 October 17, 2011

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17th October 2011   Mon

A simple 39mm size diver watch but carries with it Seiko’s long-serving mechanical (automatic) movement – 7S26.  It is a workhorse mechanism that’s long-lasting yet accurate enough for day-to-day use.

The design follows the cue of Rolex submariner.  It matches well with military nylon strap, looks professional and tough. Good for up to 100m dive and water-sports.

Zeno-USA & Zeno-Watch (Explorer) October 13, 2011

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Readers should examine carefully the three Zeno watches displayed in this blog. One was produced for the US Army and the others, for watch collectors of different markets.

It’s a famous concept of “3-6-9” on its watch dial which pays homage to the original Rolex Explorer.  Shown below is the model Zeno-USA.

Zeno-USA produced as an Army watch, using Miyota automatic movement

The Basel collection for the Hong Kong market especially has the watch dial signed as Zeno-Watch (not Zeno-USA).  It uses the same Japan (Miyota) movement as the Zeno-USA.  Note that the differences are in the crown, and the hour markers & numeric are in bold font. See below pictures.

This version Zeno-Watch was produced for Hong Kong market/collectors

There’s the 3rd version of Zeno-Watch with ETA Swiss movement.  the difference is at the sides of 6 o’clock numeric position, signed with SWISS MADE.

This version has a swiss ETA movement

Seiko 6R15 Mechanical with Rare Arabic Indexes October 12, 2011

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Look at the hour indexes - marked with Arabic numbers

12th Oct 2011

There are many versions of Seiko Spirit 6R15 mechanical watches produced by the manufacturer.  Most of the watch dials are made with bar or roman hour indexes. 

This is one rare piece comes with Arabic hour indexes (see picture above).  Also, note that the watch ring was marked with very detailed minutes and seconds markers.  This particular dial design is rare among the 6R15 mechanical Spirit series.  

See the following comparison with another watch of the same mechanical series. 

Choc bars for the hour indexes...

SEIKO Plays Football – New Chrono Watch Launched October 7, 2011

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New Sportura FC Barcelona Chronograph Quartz

As every sportsman knows, it is the attention to fine detail that makes the difference between a good performance and a great one, and so it is with the creation of a sports watch. Look at the long, curved lugs that wrap round the wrist to deliver a close and comfortable fit. Study the cone-shaped chronograph buttons, whose wide surface area ensures precise operation. See how the chronograph minute hand has a ‘pointer’ shape to ensure that the correct number is easily read at a glance. Only long experience in the real field of play teaches a watchmaker how to optimize every facet of the design so that a sports watch is truly fit for purpose. The FC Barcelona Sportura Chronograph has all these qualities, plus the discreet FC Barcelona emblem on the dial and case back and the FCB colors in the sub-dials and leather strap

With 42 mm in diameter, the case of Seiko Sportura FC Barcelona Chronograph is appropriate for almost every size of a man’s wrist. It incorporates a striking bezel with a tachymeter scale, for counting speed. With this chronograph, you can also track time in 1/5 second increments, as well as do some split time measurements. A sub-dial for a single-time alarm function is located at the 6 o’clock position, while the 60 second counter takes the 9 o’clock position.

NAVY SEAL – Training Watch October 6, 2011

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6th Oct 2011

Here’s a nice piece of combat / tactical watch for the Navy SEAL, US Military.  The Navy Seal is an elite special operations force operating under extreme conditions and undertakes most dangerous missions. 

The watch shown here is black PVD coated and houses a quartz movement.  On the watch dial there’s the logo of Navy Seal with inscriptions:  Basic Underwater Demolition and SEAL Training. 

Breitling Chrono With Legendary Lemania 1873 October 4, 2011

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BREITLING’s “Moon Watch” CALIBER 11 – Special Edition Callisto Chrono B11047 (Lemania 1873 based)

Breitling limited or special edition watches carry See-through case back unlike the common models.

The movement is what makes this watch so special. The Callisto Chrono is powered by a Breitling Caliber 11 movement, which is a manual wind chronograph based on the most famous Lemania 1873 (also used by Omega for its historical “Moon Watch” Speedmaster).  It is the 12-hour version of the more well-knownCaliber 12 movement, which was used in the Breitling Cosmonaute II.   It is an integrated chronograph, with 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz), and 17 or 18 jewels.

One of the particularities of this movement is the use of a “delrin” brake, which is a piece of hard synthetic material designed for stopping the chronograph wheel. It is durable and self-lubricating.

These movements are based on the legendary Lemania 1873. The Callisto Chrono uses the regular movement, whereas the Cosmonaute sports a 24-hour geared 1873 (so that the hour hand makes a full cycle in 24 hours). Those movements were used by Breitling from the 1980s, until they became unavailable in 2002.

This model “Serie Speciale Japan B11047″ apparently was specially produced for the Japanese market.  What make this version of Caliber 11 Serie Speciale so special is that it uses the same movement as the Old Navitimer Mécanique, ref A11022 – Japan 1995 (shown below as well). 

Note that its winding crown is different from the B11047 chrono, but same mechanical movement is used