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Zeno-USA & Zeno-Watch (Explorer) October 13, 2011

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Readers should examine carefully the three Zeno watches displayed in this blog. One was produced for the US Army and the others, for watch collectors of different markets.

It’s a famous concept of “3-6-9” on its watch dial which pays homage to the original Rolex Explorer.  Shown below is the model Zeno-USA.

Zeno-USA produced as an Army watch, using Miyota automatic movement

The Basel collection for the Hong Kong market especially has the watch dial signed as Zeno-Watch (not Zeno-USA).  It uses the same Japan (Miyota) movement as the Zeno-USA.  Note that the differences are in the crown, and the hour markers & numeric are in bold font. See below pictures.

This version Zeno-Watch was produced for Hong Kong market/collectors

There’s the 3rd version of Zeno-Watch with ETA Swiss movement.  the difference is at the sides of 6 o’clock numeric position, signed with SWISS MADE.

This version has a swiss ETA movement



1. Zeno USA & Zeno Miyota “Explorer” Watch « i Love Watches - April 12, 2012

[…] There is also this blog entry which claims that the “Zeno USA” explorer was produced for the US Army(!), which seems exceedingly unlikely: Zeno-USA & Zeno-Watch (Explorer) « i Love Watches […]

Ed - July 29, 2012

I have a friend who is a Swiss Paten attorney and I asked him about the Zeno Watch and Zeno USA controversy. Here is what his research found. It seems that Zeno Watch had their Explorer watches assembled at a plant in Japan and then shipped back to Europe. At some point in time Rolex sued Zeno for patent infringement because Zeno’s Explorer looked so much like the original Rolex Explorer. Rather than fight the big guerilla Rolex, Zeno quit making their Explorer. However when Zeno shut the plant down in Japan, there was excess stock in the plant. Japan’s patent laws are not as strict as the patent laws in the US or Europe. The management of the plant quickly changed the name to Zeno USA and continued to make the watch with the stock they had left.

Ed - December 8, 2012

Here is Quote from Kent Parks concerning the Zeno-USA Explorer watches. Ken is the owner of Everest Watch Works- he does relume and repairs on mechanical watches. http://www.everestwatchworks.com/

Thursday, 16 June 2005, at 12:57 a.m.

I needed a new case and band for a Zeno ETA movement. The old case was pretty used, so they sent me a new 36mm case and band. I put the old 2824 movement in it and VIOLA!, we had a new Zeno with my modifications. We actually tried to get another case and band from them, but they said no…. being that they couldn’t verify or condone the modifications we were making.

I’ve seen and worked on 5 Zeno’s. Two were Zeno originals with the Miyota 8215 movements. (I know they used to offer that model) The other three were Zeno-USA models. All three of them had 8215 movements. The case were the same, however, the dials and hands were not up to the quality of the original Zeno’s I saw.

I don’t understand how Zeno-USA can operate here in the states. This is strange. I looked on your link to Zeno. They certainly don’t offer any Explorers now with the Miyota movement.

With all that said. If you like the Explorer look. The price is right. Part of the charm of this watch is the acrylic crystal, like the old 1016 explorer Rolex. I have searched high and low for similar watches. They are very hard to find.


2. Sergio Girgenti - March 17, 2013

I have looked high and wide for one of these myself, but no luck. I have two Zeno-USA Explorer, one older, probably 2005 +or –, the other one much more recent, 2008-09? I thought about all this long and hard too. It has been some kind of puzzle to solve, but then I recalled another story I heard. Zeno had an explorer manufacturer in Japan, until they decided to discontinue the watch. Well, isn’t it true that the Japanese resorted to this trick after the war, to camouflage their ware to the American buyer, adding the line Made in USA, but without the periods in the acronym. They named a city USA back in Japan, to legitimize their claims, and fool the global market, skeptical of the new goods producer, just like it was for China later on. Well I believe that’s how they kept making Zeno Explorer for a whole decade, since they had parts and tooling, and called it Zeno-USA, which to them legitimize the article. If this were true, there was never a Zeno-USA based in the USA, that was an assumption we made out of the name. We fell for it, just like the consumers in the 50’s. Or if there was, it was only a distributor, and nothing more than a bogus storefront. This whole operation was Japanese, and the movement they used confirms it! One day I will send one of my Zeno-USA to everestwatchworks.com to have the dial boldened and relumed if still possible. Besides that, this is one of the best watches I ever owned, and there is nothing wrong with it. Also, I don’t believe this was done with excess stock, this watch was produced under the new name for several years.
Notably, my older one has a ticker bolder face, in the dial markings and the hands, while the subsequent one has very weak and thin ones.

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