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Rare Vintage Seiko 5 Speedtimer 6139-7002 / 7100T October 26, 2011

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26th Oct 2011  Wed

Truly Rare Stuff – Seiko 5 SpeedTimer Vintage (3169-7002 / 7100T / Brown Dial, circa 1970s)

Many of you could find vintage Seiko chronograph watches from the website. Mostly of the early generation model chronograph made by SEIKO in the 1960s – 1970s. These vintage watches are using the famous 6139 chronograph mechanical movement. 

But the rear gems of Seiko chronograph watches in the 1960s – 1970s are those marked SEIKO 5 (Sports).  In those days, Seiko 5 were the sporting models specially made for tough and rough usage. Such vintage watches are rare on the market these days.

Among the Seiko 5 SpeedTimer chronograph watches (6139-7002 series), those with the brown colour dial, marked with red SpeedTimer mark and the number 7100T on its dial are even rarer.   (see photos below).

Most rare version of Seiko SpeedTimer series

Very rare Brown dial for Seiko 5 Speedtimer chrono

Other versions of Seiko 6139-7002 chronograph watches are shown below:



1. AJ - April 5, 2012

Sorry but that dial is a fake. It is a copy of the correct dial for a 6139-7050 (with the wrong dial code), and was never on a 6139-7002..

jj - February 13, 2013

Hello, have some evidence that this is a fake?

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