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Rare Coin Watch – of 1951 Commemorative Florin November 25, 2011

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25th Nov 2011

One of The Great Collection with Historical Value

Many readers might come across coin watches or even own one.  But this is one piece that you may find it most interesting.  The watch dial is genuine 1951 commemorative florin minted in the year 1951.  If you happen to own one of this, be very happy because it is very rare in the form of coin watch dial.

The history of the 1951 Commemorative Florin is appended below:

1951 Commemorative Florin

50 Years of FederationComposition: 50% Silver, 40% Copper, 5% Zinc, 5% Nickel
Total Weight: 11.31 Grams. Size: 28.5mm.

Legend: Georgivs VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX FIDEI DEF.
Legend: Australia Florin 1901 1951


To mark the fiftieth anniversary of Australian Federation, 1901 – 1951, a special florin commemorative was issued for circulation. Coins were minted in Melbourne for one year only (1951) and was issued with a composition of 50% silver and is officially known as the 50th Year Jubilee of Federation .




















The obverse, designed by T.H. Paget, features the bust of George the VI facing left. At the bottom of George’s neck are the designer’s initials “HP”. On the outer periphery are the words “GEORGIVS VI D.G. BR : OMN : REX FIDEI DEF.” (latin for “George VI, by Grace of God, King of all the Britons, Defender of the Faith”).

The reverse, designed by Leslie Bowles, features a scepter (or mace) and sword crossing below a crown. The stars throughout the design are from the Southern Cross constellation that is also represented on the Australian flag. Flanking both sides of the design is the dual date 1901 – 1951 while on the outer periphery is the country name “AUSTRALIA” and denomination “FLORIN”.

Great historical & collection value



Unique Shanghai Millennium 2000 November 6, 2011

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6th Nov 2011  SUN

Unique Shanghai Millennium 2000 Commemorative Watch

Here’s another highly sought-after Millennium 2000 collectible produced by Shanghai Watch Company, China.

The watch is produced as a perpetual calendar wrist watch (complication) with automatic winding mechanism, to commemorate the crossover to Millennium 2000.  Not many pieces were produced under this series.  Most of them were pre-ordered as gift set for senior officials and foreign dignitaries in China.

The watch dial was designed with clear layout of sub-dials for days and dates, also including sub-dial showing the Moon/Sun phases.  Both the watch case and integrated bracelet are made of high quality polished stainless steel.  The watch was signed Shanghai 2000 at its 12 o’clock position which carries the key message.

It looks and feels solid, made of high quality stainless steel

Shanghai 2000 Millennium Watch November 3, 2011

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3rd Nov 2011 THUR

Shanghai Millennium – 35 jewels automatic wrist watch

To commemorate the new Millennium, China’s Shanghai watch company produced several wrist watches under special edition. What readers see from this post is one of the classic model made circa 2000.  Watch bezel and dial markers (in Arabic numbers) are made with K-gold plating.

A great city in the east - Shanghai

Not many of this series were produced. Apparently it was made for senior government  officials and military generals at that time.  The watch case is of very old-fashion look (with short lugs) but the dial is rather uniquely classic and retro.  Dates are marked along the outer ring of the dial and indicated by a small red “half-moon” pointer.  Hour and minute hands are of conventioanl classic design which pay homeage to the old pocket watches. The watch mechanism is automatic winding and can be hand-winding too. Interestingly, the movement is embedded with 35 jewels, rather high quality.

This 38mm diameter wrist watch is beautiful on the wrist, with leather strap.