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Frederique Constant December 30, 2011

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A real classic model from Frederique Constant.

This is an early model produced by the manufacturer in the 1990s. Some Indonesians placed booking for such watches.  Production is not in big volume.

Hand-winding mechanism

Classic mechanical movement, 18K gold platted case


Showcase of Three Special Watch Editions December 25, 2011

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25th Dec 2011

Specially for readers, on Christmas Day

Appended below are three special watch editions, of which two of them are vintage watches from China and Swiss; and one contemporary by Seiko (The Night Monster 200m divers).

(1)   Chinese “Blessing” by Shanghai Watch Company, circa 1960s. Hand-winding mechanism.  This is a very unique piece of wrist watch produced by the Chinese manufacturer.  On top of the big red Chinese character “FU” (means Blessing) on the center of the dial, another three smaller characters say, “Blessing for every household”.  This could be a model produced in the period of Cultural Revolution.

(2)   Another vintage shown here is the Rolex Bubble Back solid gold, circa 1950s. Hand-winding mechanism.  Very rare and highly sought after by collectors.

(3)  Shown below is contemporary Seiko 200m divers watch. The casing was black-coated PVD steel.  Code named NIGHT Monster.  Automatic mechanism. This is a special edition variation from the original Orange and Black Monster. Rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Marshal Lin Biao commemorative Watch December 14, 2011

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Marshal Lin Biao (林彪)

Shown below is a (marshal Lin Biao) commemorative watch made in the early 70s.  The watch was produced in northern city of Dangdong (near North Korea).  The piece contains a hand-winding mechanical movement. It is a truly vintage collection with historical value.

The Lin Biao watch is very rare as compared with similar type that come with Mao Tzedong or Deng Xiao Ping image on the watch dial. Mao and Deng’s commemorative watches are flooding the market, hence is of low value.

On the dial of the watch is image of Marshal Lin Biao.  Considering that Lin was declared a traitor by Mao, this series of commemorative watches must be made “underground” and maybe circulated in small numbers. It is because in Northern China many people still fond of Lin Biao in view of his talent in military strategies and leadership.  In those years, Lin Biao led troops fought hard winning battles against the Japanese armies in the north-eastern part of China.  Without him, Mao’s China revolution would definitely be a very tough challenge against Kou Min Tan (KMT) troops. The outcome of China history could be very different.

The beauty of this piece is in its raw steel material as well as great historical value