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Showcase of Three Special Watch Editions December 25, 2011

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25th Dec 2011

Specially for readers, on Christmas Day

Appended below are three special watch editions, of which two of them are vintage watches from China and Swiss; and one contemporary by Seiko (The Night Monster 200m divers).

(1)   Chinese “Blessing” by Shanghai Watch Company, circa 1960s. Hand-winding mechanism.  This is a very unique piece of wrist watch produced by the Chinese manufacturer.  On top of the big red Chinese character “FU” (means Blessing) on the center of the dial, another three smaller characters say, “Blessing for every household”.  This could be a model produced in the period of Cultural Revolution.

(2)   Another vintage shown here is the Rolex Bubble Back solid gold, circa 1950s. Hand-winding mechanism.  Very rare and highly sought after by collectors.

(3)  Shown below is contemporary Seiko 200m divers watch. The casing was black-coated PVD steel.  Code named NIGHT Monster.  Automatic mechanism. This is a special edition variation from the original Orange and Black Monster. Rare and highly sought after by collectors.



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