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Longines and West End Watch Co. April 24, 2012

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Those who like to collect WW II military watches would be familiar with West End Watch Company. This company had been importing hand-winding watches manufactured by Longines to Asia, especially for British India’s civil service as well as military personnel in the Far East.
See the following examples:





Note that these watches traded by West End Watch Co. bear the name of West End on watch dial and logo of the company (a David Star shape) with serial number on watch case-back.
Many versions are made in such arrangement accordingly. However, most of these West End watches produced with Longines movement are not truly military spec. watches.

Those were made specially for military personnel should have either one (or both) symbols on the watch.  e.g. The broad arrow on watch dial and or the WWW (wristwatch, waterproof, watch) on the case-back. 
See the example as follow: 



The above example was produced for British air force pilots.  Interestingly, on its dial signed LONGINES but its steel case-back there’s the West End Watch Co. logo as well but with the inscription – EVERBRIGHT. (reason ?).  This example is produced circa 1940s. It remains a very rare piece of WW II military watch collection in superb condition.



1. Sally - June 19, 2012

I have a West End Watch, without the arrow, but which was bought by my uncle in India in 1946, through the military. It has the star shaped trademark and “Everbright” on the back. And “C.S (I)” and a serial number 6656 1702. It is in working condition although the face and glass are slightly damaged. Stainless steel strap marked Speidel USA. Can you give me any info about it or its value please?

Admin - June 19, 2012

The value of Longines military watches varied a lot depending on its original conditions as well as historical information (I.e. Special versions etc). Yours is likely to be part of infantry issues alloted for Indian divisions during the WW II period. Some of those were issued or sold to admin staff as well.
On average such model could fetch up to USD300 – USD500.

2. Mr. Cohen - October 5, 2012

I have one too .
Where can I get more info about this serial

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