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Vintage Orient Watch, TURTLE Shell June 22, 2012

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22nd June 2012

Very Rate Orient Collection in Turtle Shell

This piece of vintage Orient automatic watch (21 jewels) circa 1980s was produced for the fashionable collectors of that era. The top of its casing was a piece of SEA turtle shell cut into shape that decorates the front of the watch.
This piece was discovered and bought from a shop in Asia in late 1990s as a “brand new old stock”. I.e. The watch is completely new but of old model.

In comparison below with a same model vintage but in ordinary steel casing (yet well worn out) this Turtle Shell collection is truly a great find. Nowadays watch and goods sold are not allowed to use animal materials.



1. Hiva - July 26, 2013

Hi, I have an old orient vintage watch which is like the first photo. The number (something like a tag) at the back of the watch is:
H469612A -7A CT
Have you ever heard of this number?
I already went to the orient-watch website and in its manual. It’s the only watch I have seen Persian day names on it.
Can you help me with a little background on it? manufacturer, date of product or anything helpful. It belonged to my grandfather.

Admin - July 26, 2013

Such watches were sold in many countries in those days. And some batches were on special order by certain traders/dealers.
So, unless information is provided by the manufacturer, it is difficult to know the background.
i suggest you write in to Orient.

Hiva - July 26, 2013

Thank you for your guide. I will write a request on their website, hope to be answered!

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