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Sony Xperia ARC S – Don’t Go The ICS 4.0 Road September 20, 2012

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By: SmartPhoneGuru

20 Sept 2012

UI Is Not Everything, Speed & Performance Matter

Before I start the real story, some of you who are crazy about reading up web information/blogs would know what I am trying to warn people on this seemingly “best Android” OS version called Ice Cream Sandwich.

Many smart phone manufacturers out there are being pressurized by customers to offer the latest ICS (4.0.3, 4.0.4) software/firmware updated for many existing models came with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). But the main problem is with the phone’s hardware and ROM.

Not all smart phones can “happily” carry out software update and stay “normal”.
Even existing two core processor phones are facing the problems, after update (you notice I don’t use the word upgrade), not limited to the following problems:
– stutter video recording & playback,
– blur out camera images,
– WIFI unstable,
– lagging in UI and processor speed,
– certain indicators not functioning properly,
– some features no longer functioning… Etc.etc etc.
Go to the web and you read more.

But why some claims to have done the ICS 4.0 update happily? Because, either they are good at Rooting the phones (if you don’t understand this, read up the info on the web), or simply these users don’t quite use many of the phone’s features and they don’t notice and, they only bother with nice (or anything new) user-interface especially home page colours & different ways of doing same thing.
Ok now back to the subject, that’s the reason many smart phone manufacturers still stick to Android 2.3 with their mid and low range phones, except for very high end quadcores handsets come with ICS 4.0. Some mid and low range phones though with ICS android, but also come together with lag performances.
Because, Ice Cream Sandwich UI + heavy software load + manufacturer UI overlay, the equation adds up to putting a NOT well-tuned 500 horse power into your original but great Toyota!
So, stay original Sony ARC or ARC S, maybe add 3rd party launcher UI.



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