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Sony Xperia ARC S with Jelly Bean Launcher October 10, 2012

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By: Singapore Xperia User

If you own (or buy) the Sony Xperia S or the Arc S BUT don’t wish to upgrade to the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS 4.0.3 or 4.0.4), after hearing enough of the performance issues associated with the upgrade software version, this is your chance to tune your Sony phone to the more advanced Jelly Bean (4.1) UI yet not compromising performance and speed. After all, many people just want the feel and look of ICS or Jelly Bean and nothing beyond that.

Go to the Play Store and download the latest Jelly Bean Launcher, and start to enjoy the form and patterns of Jelly Bean UI including wallpapers and schemes.

The Sony Arc S remains the finest ace product rolled out early this year through cooperation between Sony and Ericsson. Probably to commemorate the end of the joint venture of the two companies. It has added a turbo processor with 1.4Ghz speed. Web browsing, HD games and AV entertainment are superb. Not to mention the 8.1MP camera with 3D imagery and panorama modes. So DON’T try to go for the official upgrade to ICS 4.0.3 (unless you risk to lose warranty by download some custom ROM from somewhere).
Many did so had regretted and desperately want to revert back to original stock Android 2.3.4

One of my friends has recently experienced that too…



1. Kelle - April 26, 2013

Thank you for this great post, I’m glad I found this website on yahoo.

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