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Sony Tablet S Upgrade To Android ICS 4.0 December 21, 2012

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Special user feedback on Sony Tablet S – ICS upgrade

20 Dec 2012

by:  Singapore User

Everything Is Good and Fine After ICS Upgrade

I just bought the Sony Tablet S two days ago with a rare promotional sales during the forthcoming Christmas period.

As you would aware that the Tablet S comes with Android version 3.2 (Honeycomb) pre-loaded. Many of its users complained that upon upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 version of Android OS with issues/problems.  Such as drop in wifi reception, lagging, apps won’t run properly etc. etc.

Fortunately my ICS upgrade through the air (OTA) has been very smooth and yields very good results:
–  wifi remains very strong without any disruption;
–  all ICS widgets and integrated Notification window work fine;
–  home page swiping faster and fluid;
–  apps open fast and run well;
–  camera software works well;
–  downloaded Chrome browser and it’s much better than original web browser, it’s fast.

Battery life so far quite sustainable (lasting a full day) with moderate to extensive use, i.e. play games, web browsing and lots of downloads.

I would think that it is crucial for those who have the “guts” to proceed with the ICS upgrade must ensure that your device should be after factory reset state (or out of the box) before activate the OTA download of ICS firmware. As it is a major upgrade of OS. Only after the upgrade process to the ICS OS version then you register your Google account to sync things up.

Apparently Sony had put in good effort this time round for its Tablet S (version ICS 4.0.3) OS upgrade.  As you can see from the following picture (Setting page) it indicates a more refined state of Android version 4.0.3 Release 5a instead of raw 4.0.3.  Overall a nice integration and little add-on by Sony with small apps window on home page and opened app. Also a new inclusion of Guest Mode (same as multiple user profiles of Jelly Bean 4.2.1) which is cool. Otherwise it remains to be rather “plain” Ice Cream Sandwich UI, which is good.







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