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Upgrade To ICS 4.0.4 For Sony Xperia Arc S January 30, 2013

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by:  Arc S Owner

IT WORKS! On Ice Cream Sandwish

Those who previously sufered from Sony Xperia Arc/Arc S upgraded to ICS version 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 can now look forward to a trouble-free Android OS ICS upgrade.

THE Android version 4.0.4 works well on Sony (Ericsson) Xperia Arc/Arc S; provided the OS software is downloaded PROPERLY. There are a lot of complaints and frustration after the ICS upgrade.


Just make sure you follow these steps strictly, during the ICS software upgrade process:

–  use PC Companian, make sure you have enough internal memory available/left,
–  make sure your PC is connect to power source during the 30mins downloading,
–  no need to do factory-reset on your Arc/Arc S,
–  upon completion of ICS 4.0.4 download and install, remember to delete the Installation Software, to save memory space,
–  when unplug the phone from PC connection, do not boot up the phone immediately!
–  take out the phone battery, wait for 20-30 seconds before replace it back on the phone,
–  press the power button to boot up the phone, it takes abt >4 mins for the first boot up, be patient,
–  once boot up your Xperia Arc/Arc S, the phone is operating on ICS 4.0.4
–  check the system setting to make sure it indicates Android version 4.0.4
–  switch off the phone, take out phone battery again for 20-30 sec then put it back,
–  boot up the phone the 2nd time, it takes much shorter time as normal,
–  reset system date and time of the phone and IT IS DONE.

I tested games such as Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Drag Racing, Need For Speed, iRunner, etc etc. and enjoy smooth app run as well as browser and media with no lag.

Camera and video, gallery, and all my previously downloaded apps having no problem at all! Personal data etc., no corruption of data after this OS upgrade.









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