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Acer A1-810 Quad-core Tablet Review July 22, 2013

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By:  Media Tech Crazyman
22 July 2013

I Trade-off My Sony Tablet S For This 7.9″ Tablet…

The reason? 
–  It is obvious that this Acer tablet has a bigger heart than my old Sony, this 7.9″ has a quad-core MediaTech processor embedded within its body.

–  The A1 has a screen configuration of 4:3 as compared to most tablets out there, this is a best format for reading and web browsing. It is same as Apple Mini (also a 7.9″ with 4:3 format and same screen resolution but cost much more).

–  It is Value for Money (optimized hardware & OS , price & user-oriented functionality).

– Acer gives user the (almost) pure Android OS experience in this package without its own UI overlay. Hence leaving huge internal memory for installing Apps and other stuff.



The hands on,
–  Wow, in practice this is truly a F&F (fast & fluid) device for web browsing and playing decent HD games. Touch screen swipe motion is smoooot like S**t and with good sensitivity.

–  For indoor play or reading, I set the brightness to 70% and it is just nice for your eye vision adjustment for long hours of reading or playing games without feeling tired. Remember, those who like to stare at ultra bright screens will get your eyesight screwed in no time. So, you dun have to feel bad about the A1’s screen brightness. Anyway, colours and images were produced fairly well and rich without any distortion. For outdoor, turn up the brightness to 100% and it should be OK, but not under direct sunlight (only idiots do that kind of test).


    Above:  Smooth in all respect



    Above:  Antutu benchmark is respectable

–  It’s camera (5 MP ) is So So…. Anyway, it is still not worse than Samsung’s Tab 2.
To improve on camera performance you can download the Camera ICS app from PlayStore.

–  HD Video shooting is surprisingly good in terms of images and frame rate. So, use this device for more video shoot.

–  Sound quality (using the device speaker) is So So and low volume.  But if you plug in a reasonably good earpiece the sound quality is good for watching video, listening to radio and music.

– Battery life seems no problem to last for 7 hours continuous playing of video; or at least more than 10 hours on moderate use, e.g. web browsing, email, chats, YouTube, games etc.

Overall, this is a value for money tablet for much enjoyable web browsing, heavy reading, HD video watching and play HD games without any lagging at all.



Compares With iPad Mini:
– Sorry iPad has no Android OS!
– Same screen resolution with Acer A1.
– Same 4:3 format.
– Duo core.
– Equally fun but cost more.

Compares With Asus Fondpad:
– Fondpad screen is So So.
– Is the same old format of 16:9 which is only good for video playback.
– Bad for web browsing using the 16:9 format, most websites will give you the mobile phone web page presentation instead of full page format.
– But can use it for making (silly ) phone calls….
– Fondpad’s Intel single core processor is still lagging far behind as compared to the rest. Tends to lag on heavy web pages and some games.
– Still cost more than Acer A1.

Compares With Nexus 7:
– I am sure by now some of you have read about the user complaints of fast degradation of Nexus quad-core CPU processor!
– Performance hence becomes unstable.
– No Real camera!
– Wait till the next Nexus 7 ….

Compares With Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″:
– Galaxy Tab 2 is still running on quite out of date duo cores and doesn’t optimize with Android Jellybean.
– This Galaxy has no-fight at all with Acer A1. Very lagging in App.
– Camera is So So.

Ah, forget to mention two very important supports – the A1 has a micro HDMI port! Oh dear, this is a real goodie comes with this device in which others are not providing such package on the chipset. And it runs on the latest Android version 4.2.2 that guarantees fluid operation coupled with a quad-core processor.

In the fast-paced mobile & tablet arena, what ultimately makes sense is only the two factors that customers look for,
– Hardware & software optimization (i.e. overall performances well matched) and;
– Value for money. (I.e. price versus user-oriented functionality ).

There’s no point giving users the most high resolution pixel screen (but comes with higher price) and yet sacrifices some good functionality. Anyway, these days people hardly use a smartphone or tablet for more than 3 years. We just love to move on to new Android (or iOS) versions with more processor cores.



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