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Root With CWM6 ROM Recovery (Galaxy Note Jelly Bean) – An Update October 3, 2013

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A follow-up on the above blog post dated 1 Oct 2013.

By:  Common User

AFTER my first ever attempt to root my Galaxy Note (JB 4.1.2) with the ClockworkMod (CWM6) ROM Recovery three days ago, I am happy with the OS and my phone functions perfectly well.

For other newbies, here’s my suggestion:

–  make sure that you download from Google Play this app ROM Manager. With a newly rooted Android device, you can start to manage its operating system with ROM Manager, such as Recovery and data backups, download new ROMs, sd card partition, as well as any update of current  ROM Recovery (you will be informed) etc.
I have just flashed the most current CWM6  update for my phone model this evening prior to writing this post. Expect to see more improvements on the OS performance.


Interestingly using  the ROM Manager one can also download other developers ROMs as well, such as CyanogenMod. Related apps can also be downloaded via this RM.


–  after three days of testing, this app CPU Tuner adds good  value to overall battery power management, through CPU triggers and performance profiles selection.


–  of course, Superuser application is a must, for granting  root access permission to  Android apps.


So far, so good. CUSTOM ROM approach  is a great alternative in maintaining constant OS updates.

Tried Games such as Temple Run2 and Pinball Pro etc., game speed seems to be faster even when battery level is at the lowest (17%) with CPU profile at “extreme powersave” state. One reason should be the lack of bloatware after they were uninstalled after the ROM was rooted.



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