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Custom ROM Jelly Bean 4.3 Update For Galaxy Note N7000 October 5, 2013

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User Feedback On Flashing Custom ROM (Jelly Bean 4.3) To Install Galaxy Note Manually

By:  Common User
5 Oct 2013

I am happy to report that yesterday I managed to flash the custom ROM by SlimBean, one of the popular Android developers, onto my Galaxy Note N7000 successfully.

The Android version, Kernel and Build Number are in the following screenshot.


Basically, just follow the Custom ROM download instruction CAREFULLY and you will end up with the latest Android Jelly Bean version 4.3 on your phone’s OS. 
Do it right the first time on the following major steps: (please refer to recommended detailed process by developer).

1.  first thing first, make sure you identify the correct custom ROM developed for your phone model, don’t download the wrong ones. DO YOUR HOMEWORK READING UP ALL RELATED  INFORMATION ON THE WEB. Becos you may still encounter some situation along the process.

2.  Be sure to make a backup for the CWM Recovery and data to the phone’s internal memory. 


3.  Plug in to PC to download the correct Zip files posted by SlimBean developer onto your phone’s sd card. Not internal memory. 


4.  Unplug from PC, perform Factory Reset and cache wipe. After which followed by installing the SlimBean Zip files from external sdcard and flash the ROM in accordance with on screen guide.

5.  Reboot your phone upon completion and your phone will be updated with new ROM (Jelly Bean 4.3). Check your phone’s Setting > About Device to confirm that.

6.  But, after flashing the new Custom ROM you will have to go to Developer Options to Enable “Root status” again. Otherwise it will be blocked. Go to Rom  Manager to perform a Recovery reinstall and reboot phone again.

7.  Carry out Root Check to make sure your phone is back to rooted status.


Major benefits after flashing custom ROM (Updated to Jelly Bean version 4.3) for my Galaxy Note N7000;

Above: Antutu benchmark score for Galaxy Note updated to OS 4.3

Above: Quadrant benchmark Score is impressive for a dual-core processor (after update)

– In comparison,  CPU performance improves up to 40% from the state of affairs as with original Stock Rom (Jelly Bean version 4.1.2)

–  the phone remains rooted using this method for OS update. Powerful apps (for rooted phones) can be downloaded.

–  retain all the apps data (thru backups) after the update, using this method.

–  UI and app operations become more fluid and faster.

– improved camera software.



Above: press anywhere on screen during a photoshoot, camera options will appear for real-time quick adjustments. This is cool.

In conclusion, this SlimBean custom ROM is stable and impressive.


The SlimBean custom ROM 4.3 has included one System UI Navigation feature which is very useful for multi-tasks, same as the Air Command of the Galaxy Note 3 S-pen.

Above: triggered by S-pen


Above: thumb action

The fan shape UI Navigation feature can be customized (from apps tray and system functions ) for highly convenient one-hand operation. It can be triggered by the Note’s S-pen stylus, thumb or finger right from the screen edge. This system/application button navigation feature can be triggered on Home screen or inside any opened application. So users need not withdraw from app midway in order to re-navigate.

Another great system UI is the Widgets Viewpager, which can be setup via Setting > General > Widgets Viewpager.
Various preselected widget windows can be activated using hard-key long press method such as the Back-key. Swipe right or left to change the widget windows.
This UI allows user to bring up say, a calculator widget or gmail, or messaging, music play etc. in the midst of an application or on home screen. You can also change the colour scheme and style of the Widgets Viewpager. Very user friendly UI for Multitasks.

After 5 days of installing custom ROM

The new custom OS stabilizes and pushes system performance even higher. Change CPU control to No Frill CPU Control and it is effective in managing the clock speed, CPU governor and I/O scheduler profiles.
Most obviously is web browsing is very fluid, with heavy web pages upload really fast, such as Endgaget, MobilieChoice, YahooNews, Techradar etc.etc.

Antutu benchmark shows higher score consistently.



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