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Slimrom Latest Android Jelly Bean 4.3.1 Update For Galaxy Note October 28, 2013

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By:  A Common User

Slimrom 4.3 Build 2 (Jelly Bean 4.3.1) Version Update For Greater Optimization

This morning (28 Oct 2013) my Galaxy Note GT- N7000 on Slimrom 4.3 received the new custom rom OTA update notification via the SlimCentre.

From there, I started the ROM update process as follows:

–  download the new version JB 4.3.1 (Slimrom 4.3 Build 2) zip file and the updated GAPP (AIO Google apps ) zip file onto my phone’s Internal Memory.
–  open ROM MANAGER to reboot the phone to Recovery Mode.
–  wipe cache.
–  install Slimrom 4.3 Build 2 zip file from Internal Memory.
–  install GAPP BUILD 2 zip file.
–  reboot system.

* ROM Manager to be reboot into Recovery mode for the Above process. 
    ROM Manager version :  v5.5.3.0

That’s it, after all the above steps the phone OS should be updated to Jelly Bean version 4.3.1

Go to Setting > About Phone and it would show Android Version is now updated as 4.3.1
Open up Root Checker to check that the Root status is maintained.

MAKE SURE that your phone should be charged with at least 70% or with charger plugged in.

MY initial impression with this new update,
–  so far no issue encountered.
–  phone remains fluid and fast in operation.
–  internet browsing and games and apps open up fast and operate smoothly.
–  UI switches in fluid manner.

Did benchmark test on Antutu and Quadrant,  both show impressive scores.
Battery life will take a few more days to test it out, with the new update.

For readers, the attached pictures captured the essential stages of this new rom update.


Above:  downloading zip files.



Above:  Recovery Mode and installing zip files.



Above:  System Reboot… 



Above:  check status of successful installation of new rom Android version JB 4.3.1 and Root.



             Above:  benchmark CPU and I/O, graphics etc. (CPU profiles at Conservative + Noop I/O, Max. 1.3GHz, min. 300MHz, Antropy set at 256 for Read).

This setting is deemed to maintain very good balance in CPU performance with good battery life.


After a fully charged cycle, the phone’s battery life remains stable and could last a full day of moderate usage. (Email, web browsing, blogging, messages, photo-taking, benchmarks, with standby etc.)
> 7.5 hours of use, the battery state remains 50% full.



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