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Acer A1-810 Tablet 2nd Firmware Update – Making It More Efficient (Fluid) Device October 31, 2013

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By:  Tech Man

After Two Updates Of Firmware The Acer A1 Is So Sweet…

Within a short interval of two months, Acer sent two updates (firmware) to its customers, making the budget tablet a real sweet tool / device to own.


The Most recent 2nd firmware update was on 23 Oct 2013.
Upon the completion of system upgrade through this firmware, and after a week of operations for it to settle in, the following are my observations: 

–  internet connectivity and speed improved quite significantly, not only reflected by the testing software but in reality the device just Flies!

–  touch screen sensitivity has now been rectified and user experience remains very positive, both in UI swipe and typing text, Temple Run 2 is much more fun than before, with improved touch screen sensitivity.

–  there’s also slight improvement over the device’s CPU pace when opening apps and switching around apps.

Acer might have done more than the Above, but there’s no publication on what else they did on the updated firmware.

Anyway,  with Android version 4.2.2 it is good enough to run this quad-core little beast, not to mention this add-on  firmware tweaks.

Keep it up,  ACER.



Above: Internet upload speed is fast! That makes web browsing experience really enjoyable.




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