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Download The Latest Android 4.4 (KitKat) Launcher & APKs November 1, 2013

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IT’S Not The End Of The World Yet… The New KitKat Launcher UI Leaked


It’s now confirmed by Google that most of Android phones will NOT  receive OEM update to KitKat (I.e. Android 4.4). EVEN Galaxy Nexus is being excluded from the update.

Thanks to Android Developers community, now the KitKat’s Launcher UI (user interface ) APK has been extracted and can be downloaded to Android phones not included for OEM update to KitKat. Though it is not the whole OS per se, at least you can start to enjoy the latest Android interface (homepage, Widgets, wallpapers, lockscreen clock, look & feel etc.). The download does not require to  Root your phone.

The following is one of the web information on How to download KitKat Launcher APK to your phone. Read carefully before you execute.


I downloaded and installed KitKat LAUNCHER onto my Acer A1-810 quad-core tablet operated on Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Android version today. The interface is smooth and refreshing.

Essentially, the process includes,

–  firstly, go to Google Play to download the app APK Installer.
–  download the required APKs given on  the webpage, onto your phone’s memory storage.
–  after which, open the APK Installer to scan the downloaded APKs and install each of them (Launcher, Google-play Services, Google Now).
–  reboot your phone.
–  upon completion of all the installations, go to app drawer and open the Launcher, set it to Always.

It’s DONE. Enjoy the new KitKat interface!



Above:  For some models if Google Search does not function right (force close) then you may download Blue Search for Google from the Playstore. It overrides and serves the same purpose. There are other colour themes such as, Pink, Purple, Black. Or you can just ignore that and use Chrome or other better web browser tools such as Opera , UC Browser, Firefox etc.
In my case the KitKat Launcher Google Search (text & voice) functions well with either English (UK) or Chinese (mainland).

Nice wallpaper themes awaiting you, just press and hold any home screen, Wallpaper, Widget and Setting will appear at the bottom . (below)
Widgets are no longer with the App Drawer as previously located. A refreshing change.


Apps Drawer allows more space and widgets are automatically created in the Widget pages (hold & long press home screen) when new apps are installed.




Above:  For the Lockscreen and digital clock app, Google has somewhat decided to switch back to “slim” version of digit form. Reason? Unknown.
The Clock app function  remains rather similar to prior Jelly Bean versions, except for the slim size digital clock. (You need to download & install 4.4 Clock APK separately).

I prefer my Android 4.2.2 clock’s look indeed. (below, fatter Hour digit, definitely more sexy…) So I retain the fatty Hour clock app.

To add new home screen,  just press & hold  any icon on the extreme right home screen  and push the icon further across over to the right side and there you go, create a new home screen. The deletion of a home screen is an intelligent part of this KitKat UI, just move all app icons out and that home screen will automatically be deleted. Real smart.

Google+ Photos has become Photos. (Auto-upload).

Google Now is fully integrated with the KitKat launcher, see below.


Try it out, you may like the new KitKat interface and wallpapers. If not, you can easily go to Setting and change back to default Launcher.


I have also downloaded and installed latest Nexus 5 camera app (version 2.0.001). It works well without any issue.
On Video mode, the camera software allows touch screen capturing of still photos while doing video recording. This function is great.





1. Andy Hughes - December 3, 2013

Can you post some links as there are a number of launchers now on play store I would like to download the one you have featured here in your post 🙂

Admin - December 3, 2013
hughesandy - December 3, 2013

much appreciated thank you 🙂

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