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Galaxy Note N7000 Received KitKat 4.4 Custom Rom December 1, 2013

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Installation of Asylum-Omni KitKat 4.4 For Galaxy Note N7000

Those who are still waiting with your long-neck for OTA kitKat from manufacturers or whatever custom Roms (Alpha or unofficial) that take too long to reach your Galaxy Note (or it may not happen at all); may resort to the above solution – Asylum-Omni KitKat 4.4 full OS to be flashed onto your Galaxy Note N7000.

Goto the above website and follow the download and installation steps closely and you will have the first taste of KitKat 4.4 in full swing, including an integrated Google launcher comes with ‘OK Google’ voice command and Google Now.

My preliminary experience of the Rom has been very good. Tested the camera, video play, YouTube, Google Services, messaging, web browsing etc. and there’s no issue so far.
Will try out more functionalities, music and games etc. including how the battery life the next one week.

The following are some screen shots of KitKat and Asylum look & feel.
Two things are rather obvious:  Notification Bar is transparent now and the default KitKat icon size is big!

Above: Asylum_Omni Rom lockscreen

Above: Asylum_Omni 4.4 KitKat rom (homepage)



Above: Homepage…


Above: Hitting the Android version (Setting > About phone) will get to this sign – big K


Above: Followed by the KitKat logo…

Icon size is big!

Setting > About Phone :  Successful in flashing Android version 4.4

Look at the icon size on PlayStore

Above: KitKat clock …


For KitKat onto Galaxy Note, you also need to flash the latest version of SuperSU in  order to allow/enable Root status.


After 2 days trial on the Asylum_Omni_4.4, my Galaxy Note performs smoothly especially on the following important fronts,
~ camera
~ video shooting no issue & fluid in upload & viewing Youtube programs
~ web browsing
~ Temple Run 2 and Ninjump (significantly fluid)
~ Ram usage (much less, this is key to the OS)
~ Google Now ( & OK Google)
~ Bluetooth
~ Wifi
~ Battery life (yet to be fully tested)

Need to continue monitoring the Rom (OS) for at least 2 weeks for the system to fully run in.



Above: Antutu benchmark test score

Take Note Of DPI Change

Day 3, I changed the device screen dpi to 250 from original 320. Here’s the resulting icon size. Dock now could accommodate 7 app icons instead of 5. App content layouts are afected too. Basically it gives a larger page layout look with text size adjustment.



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