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Asylum_Omni 4.4.KitKat (2013.12.05) Update plus PA-Gapps 20131126 version December 7, 2013

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Some readers of custom rom might be aware that the Asylum_Omni_4.4 – N7000 (2013.12.05 build) is ready two days ago. This is probably the 6th – 7th update for KitKat (Asylum_Omni). But for those who yet to know that you can also grab the latest PA-Gapps (v.20131126) to go with it here’s the information.

By:  Tech Observer

If your phone/device has already been rooted and  installed with TWRP Recovery then the whole installation is rather quick from the moment you transfer the Asylum_Omni and PA-Gapps zip files from your PC to phone’s extsdCard.

The usual custom rom installation process applies. Back up your data and DO A FULL WIPE INCLUDING ADVANCE (cache and Dalvik) before start installing the zip files from extsdCard. It takes about a few minutes and is done. Reboot system and enjoy it.


Above:  where to grab the latest PA-Gapps.



Above:  download the selected Asylum_Omni 4.4 and PA-Gapps zip files to PC, then save them onto your phone’s scCard for flashing.






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