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Now This Is The SaberMod ~ 20140222 Asylum_Omni 4.4.2 February 22, 2014

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With refeence to yesterday’s rom update, this new build clearly states it is the SaberMod (toolchain) based.
However yesterday’s build was named as SlimSaber for the zip file. (Read the previous post in this blog).

Anyway i like the follow~ups (of new builds) coming on stream produced by Team Asylum. They kept fine~tuning the included features for users.

Xposed Framework works well on the ROM. Module position was swapped with System in this build.





Tapping the Android Version (Setting > About Phone) leads to the above rotating A symbol and the following pattern of play. Unique to Android KitKat version.

Today’s direct download of zip file onto my phone (152.49MB) was extremely fast, took about 2 mins. With another 3 mins from cache wipe and installation to successful system reboot into the Lockscreen. Hooray!


The Asylum wallpaper comes with this build is a bit iffy on the dark side though. This is their style. I would recommend the following one instead,


Continue to try out this SaberMod toolchain build… so far my impression has been good.

The Follow-up Update:

Here’s another new update of new build dated 2014 Feb 23

The wallpaper that comes with it:



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