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Android Version 4.4.2 Kitkat For Galaxy S3? LATEST ADVISORY April 4, 2014

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The following article was extracted from the G Team’s comments about what Samsung would have done for the huge masses of Galaxy S3 on the market, with regard to implementing the latest Android version – Kitkat.


Additional comments by: 
    S3 Owner

I think many of us have already gone sick about hearing this or that of Samsung’s intention about the further update of this most popular smartphone ever – Galaxy S3.

On one moment the news says that S3 would receive the up to date Kitkat (4.4.2) and the next moment some conditions are thrown around…. Including whether the 1GB ram S3 would be eligible.

My take is that, regardless of whether the great S3 would be given Samsung’s Kitkat update or not, such phone operator’s updates usually ended up in vain – more frustration at the end of it. Why?
Such updates direct from Samsung (or for that matter, Sony) usually accompanied with bugs. So the updated phones don’t work as well…. Remember the recent update of JB 4.3?

So it is more viable for those loyal S3 holders out there, to take the following three (3) approaches (better alternatives indeed) for their own good:

1.  No root. But proceed to download and install Google Now Launcher apk (or Google Experience Launcher as they called it). This will activate the “OK Google” voice command from any homepage of your S3. You still keep the Touchwiz UI onboard, which is not that bad after all.

2.  Root your S3. This gives you much much greater flexibility and freedom to tweak your S3, including but not limited to Xposed modules, CPU tweaks apps, Google Now Launcher etc.etc. modifications of system and UI. Yet you still able to keep your Touchwiz UI streamlined by uninstalling some Samsung bloatware that you don’t want to have in your phone. You can also try out (flash) different kernels so long as it is supported.

3.  If you really hate the Samsung Touchwiz so much and think that it is worthless, then you Root your S3 plus install/flash 3rd party custom rom on your phone. That’s it, you can play around with various custom roms for S3 (specific models) be it Kitkat or FatCat….

So my advice is, ASK NOT WHAT SAMSUNG CAN DO FOR YOUR S3, But what you can do for yourself!





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