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Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 On Boeffla 5.2 Kernel April 10, 2014

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I have just installed (flashed) the latest Boeffla 5.2 Kernel by XDA developer Jbohd. This is specifically for the Galaxy S3 i9305 (4G) version with 2GB ram on Android 4.3 firmware.

Those who are interested in this kernel should visit the above XDA thread to read up the details and download the zip file from it.

Of course your Galaxy S3 i9305 should be rooted with CWM Recovery and remember to back up the stock Samsung ROM before you proceed with the installation of this Boeffla 5.2 kernel using the latest CWM recovery.

Main steps:
–  download the kernel zip file from the XDA Developers page and place it on your phone’s SD card.
–  reboot into recovery.
–  wipe cache partition and advanced wipe of Dalvik cache.
–  install the Kernel (Boeffla 5.2) zip from the ext SD card.
–  system reboot.
–  Done! Congratulation.


The stock Samsung boot animation can be changed to custom boot animation.

Below: two different images of custom boot animation.



Lock screen


Below:  I use the KK Launcher app which is one of the best KitKat UI with plenty of UI tweaks, very stable.



After successfully reboot the system, go to the setting > About Phone to check kernel version has been changed.



Above: very impressive Antutu benchmark indeed…
I under-clocked my S3 to 1.3GHz and the OS runs very smoothly even. The fluidity of UI and apps is significantly better than the S3’s stock kernel. The user experience is really much enhanced, thanks to the developer.

The Boeffla kernel also comes with more selection of CPU governors as well as I/O schedulers to match. It opens up greater cpu tweak parameters.

Those who are on Samsung’s stock ROM should try this kernel (Boeffla 5.2 Stable).
With this kernel, the CPU clock speed can be over clocked up to 1.6GHz.
For me, I prefer to under clock it for battery management.

Download Boeffla Config
For effective management of Boeffla kernel, go download the Boeffla Config V2 from the Google Play.

One more thing, those S3 i9405 owners who are having problem to change their stock Samsung boot animation can now do it freely. It won’t be blocked after the change of kernel.

As for battery management, it needs to be tried out the next few days…



1. Abizar Dholfar - April 13, 2014

Hi, Thanks for sharing this great kernel with us. But I would like to suggest you to mention in your post that phone should be flashed when the phone’s battery is 100% charged. If the rom is flashed at charge less than 100%, It will cause miscalibration of the battery. That means that phone will display different percentage of power than your battery has and as a result battery will run down fast. It happened to me when I flashed official 4.2.1 JB on my Micromax Canvas HD A116. So, Charge your phone to 100% before flashing the rom. Thank you.

Admin - April 13, 2014

Thank you for the good input on the flashing of rom.

2. xCodex11 - July 10, 2014

Hey pls reply asap.Mind giving your profile settings for this??

Admin - July 12, 2014

You should try various cpu governer and I/O profiles and see which best suited your needs. For balance of performance and battery juice saving, try Noop + On Demand

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