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Update/Reinstall Samsung Galaxy i9305 LTE (4G) Firmware June 8, 2014

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There will be times that some of you may want to,
(1) update your Galaxy S3 LTE firmware (stock rom) using the manual method when OTA or Samsung Kies doesn’t work, or

(2) reinstall back the original TouchWiz stock rom on your S3 LTE in order to receive subsequent firmware updates, or

(3) when your rooted phone/device is having software problems/issues from custom rom/kernel such as, no Wi-Fi, process com.google.service has stopped, UIDs Inconsistent issue etc, etc, and the only way is to reinstall the original stock firmware back to your S3 in order to solve such problems…

Once you decide to do a firmware install for your device (S3 or S3 LTE), what you need to acquire are,
(1) download the correct version of firmware from websites that uploaded them. You need to identify the right firmware of your S3 model and for a particular region (such as, UK, US, International etc.) as well as which telecom provider. Otherwise it won’t work. Read the description carefully!

(2) download the installation tool Odin (latest version).

The following are examples of Odin tool and the Samsung S3 LTE firmware (4.3) for a particular region, as on a website. So do your search accordingly.



Once you have downloaded the Odin tool and the right firmware for your Samsung S3 LTE and place them onto your PC desktop, Extract each of the zip files and follow the installation process instruction step by step. Such instructions are easily found on the web. Such as the above website.

The most important thing however, is to prepare your phone/device for the Odin installation process, make sure that
–  execute the Odin (read web instruction),
–  put your phone onto the Download mode by pressing the Volume Down button + Power button + Home button at the same time,
–  make sure your device’s USB driver is properly installed.

When you see the following screen you are there and ready to go,


The rest, is to plug in your phone via USB to your PC and execute the steps as in the How To …. Instruction as posted on the web with regard to flashing firmware manually using the Odin.

Once the download and installation of firmware is done correctly, you will be prompted to remove the phone (unplug) from the PC when the phone goes into auto reboot. If you see a (red colour) Fail indication on the Odin, it means the installation process is not successful.

That could mean that your firmware downloaded is not the correct version.

* If the installation is successful but your phone goes into Boot Loop during auto reboot phase, what you can do is to,
–  open the back cover of your S3 LTE, remove the battery, wait for 20 seconds and put it back again;

–  press the Volume Up button + Power button + Home button at the same time, hence bring the device into Stock Recovery Mode; (you will see a fallen Android on screen but don’t panic, follow the on screen recovery).

–  do a wipe user data (factory reset) and wipe Cache. Then Reboot System.
This procedure can be extremely useful when your device has gone terribly wrong during one of your endeavours to tweak your phone.

It should be able to reboot up your phone and ready for its setup for operation (Google account, Samsung account, SIM card etc. etc…)


Good luck and enjoy.




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