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Review: Sony Xperia M2 Has Good Camera July 16, 2014

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By:  The New Owner

Many of you who want to buy the new Xperia M2 mid~range smartphone would have read about some of the “reputable reviews” …

Everything seems to be alright with this phone except some reviews stated that its camera is disappointing. Let me tell you that this is Not Quite True.

If you forget that this M2 comes with a manual mode then you may be disappointed with its camera. However if you start to discover the usefulness of M2’s Manual Mode settings, you will be delighted.

The above three photos were shot with the M2 set in Manual Mode (under low light condition, no flash was used). Go play with the various settings including Backlight Correction, ISO, SoftSnap, etc. etc. to find the most suitable light exposure and contrast for your photographic conditions.

If you simply rely on Superior Auto (lazy mode) mode then, i must say that not all the time you can get good shots.

This phone (M2) requires you to “play” with camera settings more than other devices. It has potential to give you very satisfying and beautiful pictures. Of course, don’t expect it to be of equal standards compared with devices that cost many times more or the Z2 with 20MP camera.

Below are shots using Superior Auto (lazy) mode, it still turns out decently.





The Sony Xperia M2, in my opinion, combines great UI and app optimization with long~lasting battery life and as proven, a good camera for its price range.
So don’t take in everything the review reports say. Actual user experience still counts.



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