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Review of Acer A1~810 On Android 4.4.2 KitKat July 22, 2014

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After 5 days of updated my Acer A1~810 to the KitKat 4.4.2 from its original out of the box Android 4.2.2, here’s a more detailed assessment of the updated OS (firmware).



(1)The camera software is improved. Response is faster than before when on the Jelly Bean. More features are incorporated by Acer.




(2)Google Chrome web browsing is much more efficient and speedy uploading of web pages including some heavy ones like Techradar. This is a clear~cut improvement comes with KitKat OS. Now i started to use Chome more than 3rd party web browsers.


(3)Google Now apk can be downloaded and it works exactly like the Nexus and Google Edition devices. It means you only need to swipe to the far left homepage to reveal full page of Google Now cards/information and voice command “OK Google” on all the home screens.


(4) Smooth and speedier handling of app opening and switching. The benchmark (Quadrant) of overall cpu and memory operations has improved much, by a huge margin.


(5)Games performance generally smoother. No more lapses on games such as Temple Run2, Dead Triggers and car racing games. You can feel that the pace is much faster.


Above: updated Acer camera software produces better image composition on 5MP.

Come with the KitKat OS update, if you did not go for full Reset of data/caches, and if you do experience some Google Apps forced close or lag issues; simply uninstall the affected  APPS and reinstall them again. This will solve the problems.
The optimization of software through this update is considered perfect.

Examples: This happened on my Google Map and Youtube app. After the above reinstallation process there’s no more issue.

Overall conclusion:  This is definitely a most welcomed firmware update for Acer A1~810 tablet. Thank you, ACER.




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