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ART Runtime Mode for Acer A1~810 with KitKat OS July 26, 2014

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This is a review after the most recent Kitkat OS update on the Acer A1~810 tablet that’s running on Android RunTime (ART).


Readers who are just wondering what it means may go to the device’s SETTING 〉 About Tablet 〉 Developer Options 〉 Select Runtime and set it to ART mode instead of Dalvik (default). Then remember to reboot system. This ART runtime is only available on Kitkat OS.


My Acer A1~810 runs extremely smooth on the ART mode after i set it and just runs everything (all apps) thrown at it.
It is like a brand new tablet with powerful OS.

Benchmark tests as follows:



I remain on the ART runtime mode and very happy with quite extensive tests on apps on my device. So far no issue at all. Video, camera, Youtube, Map, Wifi, Web browsing, games (Riptide GP, Temple Run 2, Fast Racing, Fruit Ninja, etc. etc.) and user interface are fluid with app opening and close.


Web browsing/Youtube is a breeze…




UI on ART remains a pleasant experience…


It is very Apparent that Acer engineers had done great job on the software optimization for Kitkat OS update on Acer A1~810 firmware update, including fixing any potential issues about switching to ART runtime mode. The same cannot be said for other manufacturers when Kitkat and updates are introduced.
Look at what happens to others ~


Acer has executed the Kitkat update (for Acer A1~810) perfectly and the bonus of having smooth ART runtime mode.

Google Now Home Launcher runs efficiently on the device (including on ART) if you download it.

If you have the Acer A1~810 already updated with KitKat 4.4.2, swtich over to the ART Android runtime NOW! 



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