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Tested with the recently Kitkat 4.4.2 updated Acer A1~810 for more than a week.
Also installed the Android L Launcher (NOVA) for trial.





It was made known that some Android devices with Kitkat OS are not quite compatible to run apps on the ART Mode.
After updated to Kitkat my Acer A1~810 tablet has been put to ART runtime; based on my observation it is definitely worthwhile to make the switch. In fact, i won’t go back to the Android Dalvik (JIT) mode anymore.

Below are the extracted basic information on the Android L and Android Runtime (ART) for readers who hear about this the first time,




Never mind the technical jargon and sort of, the main benefit of switching to the ART mode is much improved overall performance for your device.

In my case with the Acer A1, on ART the app operations and UI are really smooth and stable, no forced close encounteted at all. Prior to switching to ART & Kitkat update, the device benchmark for Quadrant score was about 4750; now running on Kitkat & ART the benchmark score is averaged about 8150 ~ 8200.
Essentially there’s vast improvement over CPU and memory management.


Next, it is compatible to download NOVA Launcher L to further enhance the overall UI and theme experiences. (from Google Play Store)

The launcher provides many UI and desktop and Look & feel tweets for one’s preferences, as well as Android L theme and icons.



I was on MIUI Express launcher for quite a while in the past few months and find it to be very user friendly and smooth.
And, for the time being i am staying put on the NOVA Launcher L as i find it an equally good UI platform… especially running on ART mode.

One more benefit to be mmentioned, after switching to ART the overall browser speed improved tremendously! Achieving fast Web page upload and download. Youtube streaming is also very fast.
If any experts can help to explain this.



1. Alyce - August 22, 2014

I noticed you didn’t mention anything regarding access to the micro-sd card after the upgrade.
How is your device functioning now in regard to this?

Admin - August 23, 2014

The update really transformed Acer A1’s performance in real user experience. It’s like having a totally new tablet. I don’t bother with sdcard transfer of apps. As i still having close to 5GB internal storage and i never need to download more apps.

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