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Is Apple’s iPhone 6 Only Two Years Behind Time? (iphone 6 vs Nexus 4) September 13, 2014

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The following tech article extracted from the Web explains that indeed, iPhone 6 is not really behind time, as compared with the Nexus 4.

We give readers our independent evaluation here…



Our independent evaluation,

~ first thing first, iPhone as a smartphone is truly meant for ease of operation; good for those who just never bother about smartphone technology. They just use a smartphone mainly AS A PHONE + CAMERA + Map.

~ An iPhone merely serves two purposes: firstly as a phone (tool) and also a fashion statement ~ look! I am smart enough to use a smartphone and it’s great to hold it in my hand.

~ Android, on the contrary is developed for people who want to PLAY their smartphone inside and out. They are much more inclined to know more about the evolution of smartphone systems. Therefore manufacturers of Android phones have to keep pushing out newer hardware coupled with latest Android OS version. It therefore creates a highly fragmented ecosystem for Android OS. But who cares, people love Android precisely like to CHASE after latest Android OS.

~ another phenomenon is that Andriod Community including ASOP (Android Open Source Project) is contributing quite positively to Android ecosystem, making it a sticky stuff for people like us, who love to tweak our phones, root and custom ROMs. Apple has the Jailbreak movement but it lacks the depth.

~ in the past, people who associated with using iPhone felt that they are more professionally acknowledged. But this no longer holds. Android high end phones attract more and more professional people. Now, 80% of smartphones are running Android OS.

~ this is most significant of all, iPhones cost much more without leading innovation today. Android though remains fragmented but it has become a big advantage to secure bigger market share in India, Indonesia, China, South America and more through highly competitive pricing, yet offering very good mid and lower range Android devices that still get the job done pretty well for larger populations. Android is continuously converting more populations on earth. Once you swtich to Android, is damned hard to go back to iPhone.

~ Apple can forget about China market! Look at Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, ZTE etc. etc. And, here’s one more… iPhone killer!

To conclude, on the consumers front, even the first generation Nexus One can be a very fun smartphone up till today to use as daily device after root and put on CyanogenMod Rom, plus Xiaomi UI…. Apple iPhone 3 and 4?

So, Apple or Android are NOT TO BE compared on technologies as it is meaningless. The smartphone universe will continue to evolve. The only meaningful thing remains how customers can get better value for money they spend.
Android has been doing a better job than Apple on providing better value to its customers, giving them MUCH MUCH MORE CHOICES on different budget.

The fact remains, most Android phones selling out there offer all the required functionality or more, vis~a~vis iPhones which cost More Than A Kidney!

Apple, think about it again… You are many light years behind time indeed! 
Can Apple survive with this wholehearted mentality (costly and now a follower)!? Remember names such as Motorola, Nokia, Kodak…. etc. etc.?



1. Michael Gaedcke - September 13, 2014

Light years is a measurement of distance not time.

Admin - September 13, 2014

It means (lagging) “far behind”…

Michael Gaedcke - September 13, 2014

Um, no it doesn’t.I’m sure that’s what he meant, but it is not the correct term. A tech writer should know this.


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