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Sony Xperia Z3 Home Launcher For Other Xperia Phones October 3, 2014

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Now those of you having Xperia Z series, M2, C3, T2 Ultra etc. can proceed to download the lastest Xperia Z3 Launcher for your device.

Just go to the web and search for Z3 apks download (direct to your device) and install the new launcher and or other features such as AR Fun camera software. For example:


First impression of the new Xperia Z3 launcher is as follows,

~ it’s smooth in opening and closing apps.
~ it can pair up with other lockscreen apps. In which i tried out on Xiaomi lockscreen.
~ features such as Mini Apps on homepage opening as multi~windows.
~ most obvious change is the larger icon images same as Google Now icons in size.
~ the launcher should work well with Android v.4.1 onwards.




Mini Apps :



App manu:


AR Fun camera app:


The AR Fun is an interesting add~on for Sony camera …

Overall impression is that Sony has moved in the right direction in enhancing the launcher pack to present a better homescreen UI. It definitely looks much more a new face of Android like the Google Now launcher. The folders are big and nice too.


The UI maintains fluidity in style. Ran the Quadrant benchmark and has a good score on my Xperia M2.




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