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Lenovo 联想 SISLEY Smartphone ~ Worth Buying This iPhone 6 Lookalike? October 23, 2014

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23 Oct 2014 Thurs

There are numerous information or leaks appearing on the Web. Below is just one of the leaked information published,



And some of the leaked photos on the web,



So, what’s our opinion on this forthcoming device ‘Lenovo Sisley’?

~ if the leaked specifications are correct, this is a mid range device that should be positioned in the correct price range too, regardless of whether it copies the design of iPhone 6. If it priced too steep, then Lenovo has gone down the wrong path.

~ rumors say that it could carry a MediaTek chipset clocked at 1.2GHz. We think that it could also go for the Snapdragon 400 series if it includes 4G LTE connectivity.

~ 16GB internal storage is a good choice if it is true. This is much better than many branded mid range phones that only offer users with 8GB memory. This alone makes the phone more attractive than other mid range devices.

~ a HD screen 720p resolution is good enough for mid range usage, because it will not overly drain on battery juices and, also it will not overly demand on its GPU.

~ we think that Lenovo has adopted a clever marketing strategy, so long as the Sisley’s workmanship is of solid quality. This is one single factor that make or break the new initiative! As for Android OS, it is already a proven system software, so there’s not much of an issue here.

~ now, there seems to be an issue here. It is rumored that this device only carry 1GB of ram. So, this is not meant for heavy users/gamers. However, it is still adequate for most mid range users out there. Is this a deal breaker? Yes and No.
Hopefully Lenovo gives us a surprise by slot in a 2GB ram.

~ it is rumored that it will come with Android 4.4.4 OS. If it is true then this is a good news for the start, as a mid range device. If Lenovo could promise users the Lollipop 5.0 update in early 2015 in advance then we don’t see why this thing can’t sell.

So, it’s really up to Lenovo to prove to the smartphone community including millions of users, that they CAN produce better concept and execution in an iPhone 6 body than Apple!



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