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Xiaomi (China) Has Becomes The World’s 3rd Largest Smartphone OEM October 31, 2014

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The following charts show how well Xioami (小米) stacks against Samsung and Apple to become the world’s 3rd largest smartphone OEM.


The next chart shows how Xiaomi is able to capitalize the going trends and hence, put together a package of hardware + software that encompasses the best of both world : Android OS coupled with iOS user experience.


The trend of Android taking the major portion of smartphone OS market in the world is undeniable. So, instead of basing on one single platform to suceed, Xiaomi’s strategy was to combine both the strength of Android OS and iOS user inteface. And this works well apparently.

Also, Xiaomi is coming on strong into the turf of Tablets too.


Xiaomi’s MIUI provides tons of user modifications without to root devices downloaded either with MIUI ROM or MIUI Express. It creates strong user community and loyalty with constant updates based on users feedback.

User experience of MIUI proves to be excellent. Millions of users out there support the MIUI system.

Plenty of themes, wallpapers, lockscreens, and launcher settings by MIUI:







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