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Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 4G (FDD-LTE) Down To Earth Review December 3, 2014

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* Special update: Dec 30th 2014

By:  Xiaomi User

This Thanksgiving and Christmas many Xiaomi fans in India, China, Singapore and Malaysia will see their wish come true, on condition that they are able to secure the latest Xiaomi device being launched – the Redmi Note 4G LTE.

I placed my booking last week through a cellphone shop and was promised to get it in 3 days. On the Black Friday evening I received my package promptly.

First thing first, I checked to make sure that the item delivered to me is the right stuff, I.e. it has to be the FDD-LTE version for global network instead of the China version. TDD version can only be used in China.


Next, upon boot-up, I used the app CPU Z to counter check and further confirmed that this is the correct item I ordered. Caution:  there are fake Xiaomi products out there!



The new Redmi Note 4G uses the Snapdragon 400 quad-core (8928) processor clocked at 1.6GHz. It is the same version used in the HTC Desire 816 (5.5″ phablet).


I specially checked on the Browser benchmarks as this is the main reason many people who are going for this Redmi Note 4G version. The benchmark scores are better than the Octa-core Redmi Note original (3G).
The results are very decent indeed. Hands on user experience is much much better in terms of browsing, download and upload speed. Impressive.



Antutu and Quadrant benchmarks are as follows:



Here again the actual hands on experience remains highly satisfactory and much better than some branded mid-rangers such as Sony, Asus, Samsung, HTC and Huawei etc. In particular it does not generate high level of heat after extensive use.

Here are some key questions answered,
1. How long it takes to fully charged the large battery?
Ans: about 3.5 hours from 14% to 100%.


2. How lasting the battery (3100mAh)?
Ans:  for moderate use it can last for up to 2 days. Heavy use it can safely last till the end of the day.

3. How’s the music/sound effect?
Ans:  speaker sound is decent at best. But, once you plug in a very good earpiece and OMG the quality of audio for listening to music is fantastic! So don’t save on budget for a good earpiece.

4. How about playing HD games?
Ans:  it is smooth in playing most of the games, e.g. Dead Triggers, Temple Run2, Subway Surfers, Riptide2, Angry Birds etc. If you really in for very resource intensive games then it is best to go for Xiaomi Mi3 or Mi4.
3D benchmark test scores between the Redmi Note original (MediaTek Chip 8 cores) and Redmi Note 4G (Snapdragon quad-core) are quite close within 5% variant.

5. Network connectivity?
Ans:  it is better than the original Redmi Note (3G) for sure.
Redmi Note 4G has more advanced WiFi network 802.11ac plus 4G LTE.

6. Developer Options?
Ans:  as it is on Snapdragon chip set instead of its predecessor’s MediaTek, more 3rd party developer support will be available. Root method for this phone is already out there.

7. Future system update?
Ans:  looks like there may not be further update for the Redmi Note original (3G) to the MIUI 6 Kitkat rom. And it is highly unlikely that the 3G version will be updated to Android Lollipop.
As for this Redmi Note 4G, the developer ROM on MIUI 6 is already posted on Xiaomi official blog. It is likely to receive system update to Lollipop too.

8. Overall UI and applications feel?
Ans:  very fluid, no sign of lag at all, on the MIUI as well as the Google Now launchers.

9. Is it Gorilla Glass 3 on the front screen?
Ans:  no. So it is best to get the latest tempered glass strong protective layer on top, in case you drop the phone.

10. Browser performance?
Ans: fantastic. Advanced dual bands wifi ac and 4G network connectivity contribute to its excellent performance on web browsing and data download/upload. Very fast!

11. What else?
a.  You can download the latest Google Now Launcher (OK Google on every homepage) on it and it works very well, if you don’t quite fancy about the MIUI launcher.




b.  The camera images and video playing are excellent for both the rear (13MP) and front (5MP) cameras. But if you want more advanced camera modules/settings, go for the Lenovo Supercamera download from the web.


Conclusion:  for those who cannot decide on whether which version (3G or 4G) of Redmi Note to get, consider the above detailed information before you proceed.
Either one, it is still a great device to have. But if you place emphasis on future updates and network connectivity, then the Redmi Note 4G is the obvious choice.

After note:

After more than two months owning the phone, I updated it to the developer ROM version 5.2.6 (MIUI 6) last Friday and still happily using it as my daily device…


And, I am surprised that MIUI 6 has very well refined UI and lots of added functionality. Just love to stay with the developer Roms and looking forward to its weekly update.



1. name - December 8, 2014


2. sumeet - December 8, 2014

Can i use different Sim other than airtel

Admin - December 9, 2014

The phone is unlocked. So long as it is the FDD version global, any SIM can be used

3. alan chesney - December 26, 2014

can this phone 4G work in USA

Admin - December 26, 2014

If you get the 4G Global version (FDD~LTE)

4. km - February 10, 2015

do it get overheated or music player or speakers. as heard by one user(my friend)

km - February 10, 2015

is there any problem faced in music player or speakers

Admin - February 10, 2015

If you play heavy graphic intensive games on large screen phone, every phone will get heated. Playing music is perfectly good if using earpiece. Speaker open volume is a bit soft. But i recommend strongly you get a good earpiece to really enjoy the sound quality.

5. pradeep D - February 11, 2015

You din mention the most important detail.. memory.. you cannot move apps to the memory card.. very low on internal storage,,

Admin - February 11, 2015

Please find the relevant article on this blog about how to….. Solve memory shortage issues.

6. Michael - February 11, 2015

Hi, I just got xiaomi note 4g, so i still trying to figure it out.
So far got no problem. Should i root it? How to update from 4.4.2 to MIUI 6? & how to move app to sd card? Thanks

Admin - February 13, 2015

Find out more about how to root and convert your Redmi Note 4G to run on MIUI 6 developer roms… And move app data etc. In this blog articles, many of them.

7. tanbir ahmad - May 23, 2015

can I buy a 4g note in india and use it in malaysia since it is out of stock in Malaysia.

Admin - May 23, 2015

Yes, make sure you check that it is 4G global version.

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