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Acer B1~810 (Iconia One 8) 3D Benchmarks ~ Ice Storm Tests December 22, 2014

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Just done the 3D Benchmarks on the latest Acer B1~810 tablet and the final result is: this is one of the most powerful devices around…

No wonder when I played the Asphalt 8 car racing game on this tablet, the game fires up fast and runs smoothly.

Other games that I tried on this device are, Riptide GP2, TempleRun 2, Dead Trigger 2, etc. No problem at all.

Acer B1~810 runs on Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core chip set.


Acer should be commended for a very well executed hardware and software optimization on a budget tablet.




1. vbdx - December 31, 2014

Hello, I just bought this tablet and just like you I am thrilled – such a low price and such a great user experience!
I was just wondering if there is a way to move apps to the external SD card without rooting the device, and if not, whether the tablet is rootable. Thank you very much.

Admin - January 1, 2015

Not at the moment to move apps to external sdcard. Also, it’s a new product, so there isn’t a root method yet. Today (1st Jan 2015) just received an OTA update of system firmware by the OEM. It may be the advanced preparation for further update to Android 5.0 soon. Eager to wait for it to come.

Vinciane Baudoux - January 1, 2015

Yes, am lookin forward too it, too. Happy New Year to you, in France we still have four more hours to go 🙂

Admin - January 1, 2015

Good to know that this good tablet is sold in France. Happy new year 2015.

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