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New Firmware Update for Acer B1~810 In 2015 January 1, 2015

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On the first day of 2015, there is an OTA update for the Acer B1~810 (Iconia One 8) firmware.

It’s an improvement over the original Android 4.4.4 OS but not the 5.0 Lollipop.

Based on Acer’s past practices, this could be the prelude to the major update of Android 5.0 OS coming soon for the tablet.

So those of you who have received the notification of this “preparatory” firmware update now, do so to update it so that your device would be primed for the Lollipop update coming after this round.

The benchmarks show that this preparatory system update has further improved on its software optimization which is worth for the update.

Here’s the screen shots.





Firmware version before the update:


Firmware version AFTER the update:


Antutu and Quadrant benchmarks (after update):



Wallpaper theme:



1. bjhhjjjfu - April 22, 2015

Ya salio lollipop para b1-810??
Por favor Respóndeme o. Alguien?

2. Mathius - May 2, 2015

Today a new update was installed. Image P/N changed to FM.NPYA0.00G. What is this about?! System s still running under Android 4.4.4. Thanks in advance for the answer! ^^

Admin - May 2, 2015

That’s for small bug fix. And also to “prepare” the device for eventual upgrade to Android 5.0 version.😊

Mathius - May 2, 2015

Great! I love this tablet more and more every day! 😉

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