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2015 Is Year of Zenfone 2! A New Milestone of Smartphone January 6, 2015

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Commentary by:  Android 大师

Look no further, the game changer for 2015 smartphone landscape is not Xiaomi, Samsung or iPhone. It is the bold and smart ASUS !

Asus has just announced its Disruptive Product Offering at the 2015 CES. The star? None other than the Asus Zenfone 2.



Above: I would go for the silver color.




OMG!  Can you believe that? 4GB of Ram! Yes, it is here for a mid range Android phone called Zenfone 2.
From the released information above, it is truly a mouth-watering and brilliant device to be positioned on the mid range market.
HTC, Samsung and Sony, move aside.

The year 2015 will be a solid milestone in the history of smartphone. The Zenfone 2 breaks all rules and march forward. The rest of the smartphone OEMs, there’s no way out to avoid this fight. They have to rethink their product strategies or risks to be eliminated in the ring!

Hurray, Asus.
Also, Intel Atom has breached a gap in the chip set battlefield!





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