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Why It Is Good For Sony To Be Acquired By Another OEM January 17, 2015

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The above titled article appeared on the Android Headliner. It argues that they’re only two smartphone OEMs worth the sort, ie. Sony and Motorola.

We tend to defer from such opinion.
The reason being, if Sony were to sell its mobile phone division it should be a good news to the industry and most of all, Android consumers.




Why? The reasons are very obvious:

~ Sony is very dumb about its marketing strategy. Coming up with two flagship models within a year is not wise. Such strategy only meant for new OEMs like Xiaomi and MeiZu of China.

~ Sony is selling hardware not overall user experience. Sony is trying too hard to impress the market with its hardware yet failed badly on its pricing strategy. Sony products are not value for money, far too costly. What Sony could provide to users, other OEMs can.

~ Sony forgot about product design all together. Every new flagship is sharing the same slat block design without new innovation. Consumers just won’t buy the same design over and over again. Even if Sony is not good at breakthrough innovation, at least it should create its own consumer trending.

~ If Sony is sold to another OEM, especially if it is a big Chinese firm, the future will be bright. The new owner will tear down the old walls of Sony mobile division and push for more open style innovation!

~ It is with more daring design innovation that Sony mobiles can ride into a better future and not riding into sunset!!!

So please, Sony Corp. should let go it’s mobile division. If Sony is losing lots of money with the outfit yet there’s no strategy to bring it forward; let someone out there to run the next lap with gusto and breaks all rules. Hence, Sony’s rights and technological knowhow can be better unleashed for the market as well as making profit for its shareholders.

Change is good! In fact, companies like Sony is dragging down Android development… It traps Android within the four walls without pushing for new design innovation.



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