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Redmi Note (3G/4G) Heat Issue ~ Problem Solved January 18, 2015

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Above: latest update by user feedback. If you were to follow the steps correctly, then you would solve the heat problem.

Here’s the positive method to solve the apparent heat and resulted battery issues for Redmi Note (3G&4G).

First thing first, your device must be rooted. Here I tested with Redmi Note 4G-LTE.


After root, download Greenify and Kernel Tweaker.


What Greenify does? Is to reduce running apps in the background by hibernating them!


The main player in the problem solving is, Kernel Tweaker App.
Download it from Play Store and start to tweak the CPU and I/O Scheduler settings.
For CPU parameter, down-clocked it to 1.5GHz instead (tested on the 4G model).
Also, set the minimum clock speed to 300MHz.


For the CPU Governor, change it from OnDemand to UserSpace.
(This setting allows the CPU clock speed to be consistently locked at the value you prefer, in this case at 1.5GHz.)

Then changed the I/O Scheduler from cfq to row.
Why row (read over write) scheduler?

After testing, such combination of CPU and I/O setting produce the following results:
~ reduce heat problem when playing games.
~ improve overall battery juices/hours.
~ kept the device’s CPU state consistently at Deep Sleep if you are not using apps.
~ but when an app is launched and if CPU loading increases, the CPU state jumps to the Max. Clock Speed straight away.
~ hence, the overall fluidity of apps, web browsing and UI improved.

By the way, the CPU governor USERSPACE is considered rare on smartphone devices. It is mainly used for PCs.
However, the Redmi Note kernel consists of the UserSpace setting option and it is tested (using Kernel Tweaker app) to be useful for improving overall performance of the device. If you are not actively running apps, the CPU state goes to Deep Sleep faster and stays there.

Manufacturers will set the CPU governor at onDemand with cfq (I/O). This setting though it is sensitive to the increase of CPU load and gradually up/down its clock speed, however the setting tends to result in constant fluctuation of CPU speed; causing multi cores to run actively most of the time. Therefore it ends up  generating more heat and draining battery juices.



Set governor to UserSpace instead of originally at OnDemand.


After the above changes, performance very much stays within the same benchmark bracket (even with under-clocked to 1.5GHz from 1.6GHz, Redmi Note 4G) and now it is without heat generating problem for extended use. UI, browser and apps run much smoother than before due to reduced heat.
Games play tried out on Subway Surfers and Temple Run2 and running more smoothly. In fact it becomes harder to score high as the game speed is somewhat faster than before.


Try it out yourself. Remember to root your device first.



1. Senthilnathan T - January 20, 2015

But the CPU parameters are revert back automatically to its own default values other than the ones what we set using this Kernel tweaker interface

Senthilnathan T - January 20, 2015

On my phone, if I set the CPU max freq to 1.5 GHz, it always set to 998 MHz.

Admin - January 20, 2015

Not to worry. When you set the governor UserSpace, it allows app which is running to use the most appropriate clock speed, in your case at 998MHz. But no app is allowed to go beyond 1.5GHz if it is the Max you set. Also, after you kill the app, all CPU cores go into Deep Sleep (you can check this from the CPU Stats). If you want fluidity of app and UI, it’s best to set I/O Scheduler to ROW.
Only think that you need to reset all these values is if you power off the phone and reboot it.

2. Daniel - March 12, 2015

Should i tick every circle available? Thanks

Admin - March 12, 2015

Only for those you have modified/changed.

Daniel - March 12, 2015

Thanks, but I find that the time in state is more than deep sleep, even if I have no apps running, why does this happen?

Daniel - March 12, 2015

Okay, thanks, must I leave the app running to get the desired effect? Or can I close it….

3. Khairul - April 4, 2015

I done everything you stated above but my max cpu frequency always revert back to 900mhz and stays there. I used waze and coc a lot and it still generate heats.

Admin - April 4, 2015

Check on your total state time and you would see how the state of CPU operates. When put on the Userspace governor, the CPU would allow the App in use to decide on what max and minimum clock speed to use. But after the app in use is closed, the CPU reverts back to lower clock speed. If you on the phone (such as playing games) for long duration then the heat will be generated as this phone has a huge screen.

4. uta - April 20, 2015

so i guess you shouldn’t hibernate the app. cause everytime i force close it it reverts back to its default.

Admin - April 20, 2015

Is OK to use Greenify to hibernate apps. But it all depends on whether it is fully compatible with all apps. For instance, Greenify works very well on some Sony Xperia phones.

5. hedher - April 25, 2015

I try it on redmi note 4g.My phone become too lagg when played game after doing this.How to recover its to default back.

Admin - April 25, 2015

Re-set CPU speed to its original max

hedher - April 25, 2015

Not worked!!It revert back to 900mhz and stay there.

6. Anil Thorat - May 10, 2015

Redmi Note 4G purchased in mid Jan 2015 becomes unusable yesterday within 3 months as it is not detecting any SIM. Can anyone help me how to log the complaint online.

7. jazaree - June 16, 2015

Working like a charm. Thanks dude… Now my phone not even hot and lag during charging

Admin - June 26, 2015

Glad to hear that it works perfectly for U!

8. Jon - July 23, 2015

Hi. My lowest CPU Min Frequency available is 728Mhz.

And I do not have ‘Row’ for I/) Scheduler. I only have noop, deadlne and cfq.


Admin - July 24, 2015

Is your device Rooted with the developer rom? Try install the developer rom from en.Xiaomi …

Admin - July 24, 2015

Try install the developer rom (MIUI 6) from the en. Xiaomi website…

Jon - July 25, 2015

Forgot to tell you that my phone is not Redmi Note 4G, but 3G. Just an update. My phone was no longer suffering from heat but my game lagged so badly today, I unrooted.

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