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Update Redmi Note 4G-Global To Version KHIMIBH 22.0 January 22, 2015

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The latest stable ROM for Redmi Note 4G Global version is ready for manual update by users.
The zip file is named as version: KHIMIBH22.0 (KitKat).


Instead of using the native Mi Updater app, the following ROM flashing method is via the TWRP Recovery tool. Reasons: 
~ if you have already Rooted your device and installed the TWRP Recovery rom.
~ in the update process, you don’t have to rename the new version zip file to “update.zip”.

You can GOTO the MIUI Roms site to download the correct version of this update (as above) and then move the zip file from Download directory to Internal Storage root.


From there, power off the device and start the ball rolling by reboot into TWRP Recovery.

INSIDE TWRP, start installing the update rom zip file (KHIMIBH22.0).


After installing of update ROM successfully, wipe Cache & Dalvik. You may also skip that and go straight into Reboot System. And it is done. But it is suggested that you wipe Cache & Dalvik to double ensure that after reboot system everything (apps and device system) works fine, as I did.



If you choose to wipe Cache & Dalvik before reboot system, you will need to manually reboot system using power button later.


Upon successful reboot system, your device will show the update complete notification. This is a good sign.


Go to the Setting ~ About Phone to further confirm that you have got the real stuff installed.


BUT, IF YOU CHECK ON THE ROOT CHECKER APP, YOU WILL NOTICE THAT YOUR DEVICE IS UNROOTED Again, because the earlier root status will be overwritten by the new MIUI update.

You may choose to remain unrooted state after this rom update. If not, you can re -root the device again…

No worry. Just recall your earlier MIUI_Root zip file from your storage, make sure the zip file remains as update.zip; you can use the native system app Updater to go through the native rooting process again and, you will get back the Root status without any problem. (Now you would understand why I prefer to use custom recovery tool for flashing new ROM version/update, instead of native way through the system Updater.)



After re-rooted your Redmi Note 4G, you need to activate SuperSU app in order to update its binary, for apps requesting root permission.

You will get another notification to inform you that your MIUI version is changed to, KHIMIBH22.0.1 representing that the most current version been installed is now a rooted version.


Go to the Setting ~ About Phone, you will also see the updated information.


When all done, you can move the big file (KHIMIBH22.0) from internal storage to your Ext. sdcard for safe storage and hence, free up more space in the internal storage memory.


Below: Latest Redmi Note wallpaper

This new update to version KHIMIBH 22.0 has been done using TWRP Recovery tool with ease. For those who are rooted with CWM Recovery I believe it will be as smooth.
So if your are rooted, is best to install a custom recovery rom for such purposes.

I have checked on the apps installed previously, all app data are in tag and apps run smoothly. No problem encountered. All Google apps and including FM radio, wifi, Bluetooth, games  and Google Launcher etc. run along well on this updated stable Rom.

As to battery life on this updated rom, it will take some time to test it out. I think it won’t be too affected, probably with improvement as this update will solve some previous bugs.



1. Mohd Khalid Mohd Noh - March 3, 2015

Redmi Note 4G global rom is still 4.4.2?

Admin - March 4, 2015

As at this moment, both the stable rom and developer rom are based on Android 4.4.4

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