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Move App Data 2 Ext.sdcard On Redmi Note 4G January 23, 2015

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By:  Xiaomi Fan

After two months of happily owning the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G, I face the common issue just like anyone ~ running out of internal storage memory space, with more and more apps been installed.

And Xiaomi doesn’t make it more pleasant by creating an Emulated sdcard within its internal storage that makes moving app data to real external sdcard difficult or, confusing for many users.

One way of course is to uninstall some apps. But though there are apps not very frequently used, I would still prefer them to be “within reach”. Now what?

For those who do not want to try the complicated sdcard partitioning…
The answer is HERE! (Free up more space in your Redmi Note’s internal storage)

First thing first. You need to root your device. (SuperSU for root permission for apps)
Secondly, you will need to download the following apps to get things working,
    ~  ES Files Explorer, Apps 2 SD, FolderMount and SuperSU.

When you have done the above, you can,
~ move apps data to the external SD using FolderMount.
~ move your ROM backups to the ext. SD via ES File Explorer.
~ create backups for less frequently used apps in ext. SD using the Apps 2 SD. (Backup apks can be reinstalled within seconds if you still remember to use them).

There you go, lots of internal storage space will be freed up by the above actions.

Using the Apps2SD:
~ install the app,
~ browse thru apps using the Apps 2 SD to pick up those apps that’s not frequently used but you would still want to have them within reach.
~ long press each one of them and move firstly to the emulated SD backup,

~ open up the ES File Explorer and check that they are copied onto the emulated partition’s Apps 2 SD Backup, remember this is still NOT the real ext. SD!

~ now you can open the apps2SD (as above) folder and start to Move the app apks to the real Ext. SD folder named Backup APKs. (Before that, you should create a new folder and name it such). Once the apps are moved over, you will find them in the real Ext. SD (sdcard1) as below.

~ now you can uninstall for example, the above two apps in internal storage and free up the space. In future if you want to use them, just go to the sdcard1 directory’s folder [Backup APKs] and reinstall back the app for use within seconds.


~ this is using the Apps 2 SD for better storage management.

Using the FolderMount:
~ install the app,
~ follow the following instruction (by the developer) and try it out. It is a different method of “linking/pairing” apps data to the ext. SD and free up internal storage space. You can search the web to read up more about this app and how to apply it.


~ unless you purchase the Pro version, the free app only allows you to link up max. of three apps data sets.
This app works well too, for the purpose. Apps data will be resided on the external SD, such as camera pictures, big games data, etc. Very effective.

In summary,
Combining the above methods I could still free up at least 1.6GB of internal storage space with already good amount of apps installed. (With Pro version FolderMount I can free up even more for apps!). Otherwise, another issue is also very difficult to maintain the ROM updates/backup going forward, with 8GB of internal memory storage.
Now I can manage all that without issues.

Above: a balanced situation for managing the internal and external storage for Redmi Note.
Same approach can be applied for Xiaomi 1S.



1. gino - April 11, 2015

Hello, can I root from my MIUI page on my Redmi Note 4G.. If so, how do I do this?

Admin - April 11, 2015

You need to root using PC and of course, a specific root tool for your device.

2. LY - April 16, 2015

Hi I was not able to move the backup apps from Apps2sd to my ext. SD card using es file explorer. When I tried moving, it popup saying the apps cannot be moved. Can help? Thanks! Using a Redmi note 4G

Admin - April 16, 2015

You could move the back up folders of the apps to ext sdcard. Not the apps directly. These are the less use apps so you can reinstall them. Very fast from your ext SD offline. And you could uninstall the apps (already back up in backup folder) from the internal storage to save memory space.

3. JAYAKRISHNAN - April 30, 2015

My issue is different. I used abt 1.5 GB for apps. In the storage it is showing 4.07 GB is in misc. I removed all my backups, themes etc manually but could not open the misc items. How can I locate and remove these items to free the space?

Admin - May 1, 2015

Think many times b4 you try to remove the Misc in the storage!!! Otherwise your system will be dead. Though they called it a not so important name, it is where the system data and Android processes…

jkji - May 1, 2015

Thanks. But how can we access the same in the internal memory that is the issue. If that will be impossible, then there should be some way to get the memory freed from some other option. It cannot be like that 8 gb memory is there internally but effectively no space is available to use….

Admin - May 1, 2015

For any device that comes with limited internal memory for apps, the device should cater for partition that allows moving app data to the external sdcard in order to ease off some space. But for Xiaomi products, such as Redmi Note and Redmi 1S, this is not possible.

4. JAYAKRISHNAN - May 3, 2015

OK. If I need to check the options you mentioned in the post, I have to first delete some apps from the phone. Will check and come back to you again. Many thanks for your response.

5. oki - May 13, 2015

Hello, u have good solutions there. I face another issue, could u help? Thanks in advance. That problem I face is I have been using external memory card, and I already move ALL the pictures and musics to my external SD card, which mean it already not store inside my internal storage. But how come when I check my setting there, there show the internal memory for music and pictures is around 5GB? This cause my internal memory full. Thanks for helping!

Admin - May 14, 2015

Which sdcard ? Sdcard 0 is still within the Internal memory’s partition. You should move music and photos to the sdcard 1 instead.

oki - May 17, 2015

hello, i have move to sd card that i bought in shop. May i know the difference of sdcard 0 and sdcard1? because in my options there, only have internal memory or sd card. Thanks!

Admin - May 18, 2015

sdcard 0 refers to partition of Internal memory/storage. sdcard 1 refers to the actual external sdcard storage.

6. Mamta - June 26, 2015

I tried almost everything but its not working on my redmi note4….

Admin - June 26, 2015

May be your Redmi Note version does not fit, or, u didn’t root the phone?

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