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Update Redmi Note 4G MIUI (India & global) To version KHIMIBH 24.0 January 29, 2015

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By:  Xiaomi Fan

For those who are confused between which is which over the two versions, ie. KHIMIBH 22.0 and the newer KHIMIBH 24.0, here’s the straight forward answer. Go to the following Xiaomi forum website and download the ROM version KHIMIBH 24.0 and experience it for yourself. (I have installed it yesterday).



Once downloaded the ROM zip file, move it over to the download_ROM directory of the internal storage. Then open up Updater app and install the new ROM.




After installing the new rom, it is done!
Next reboot it into the stock recovery, select WIPE CACHE and execute. The process may take a few minutes so be patient.

Once the system/device is booted up again (after wipe cache), there you go. You have fully completed the ROM update. (Which is the version KHIMIBH 24.0 and, for those who re-rooted your device the version will be 24.0.1).

Music control on lock screen, by double tapping the upper half of the screen…

Phone dialer on lock screen,


Message on lock screen,


Tested the new rom and glad to report that IT IS ALL SYSTEMS/APPS GO! No bug detected. So, it is a stable ROM. Although it is not found in the official Xiaomi ROM download site…

This ROM version incorporates with some of the MIUI 6 layouts and flat icons. Setting menu has been changed too. More stuff might have been updated but need to look at the change log. It has a closer visual look like the MIUI 6.


New Clock widget,



Turn on flash light by long press Home button on the lock screen




Overall apps open & close smoothly and UI being very fluid.
Notice that this newer version ROM had the Kernel version changed too.


This might lead to overall performance improvement as well, besides the UI layout.
Go for it!



1. FluteMan - February 16, 2015

” Next reboot it into the stock recovery, select WIPE CACHE and execute. The process may take a few minutes so be patient. ”
How to reboot into stock recovery ?Please explain

Admin - February 20, 2015

Stock Recovery refers to Xiaomi’s native recovery, by pressing and holding the device’s Power and Volume Up … For few seconds till the Mi logo appears on screen and then let go.

2. Vinayakumar - March 11, 2015

thank you it is v goog

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