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How To Update To The Latest TWRP Recovery March 20, 2015

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Here’s the quick and safe method:

(Prerequisites: your device is rooted with bootloader unlocked.)

~ download TWRP Manager app from Play Store,

~ open the app and choose Install TWRP,
~ input the correct device name,
~ choose the latest/newest TWRP,
~ follow the instruction to download and flash the chosen TWRP update that matches your device,
~ click reboot after flashing the chosen TWRP,
~ first reboot will bring you to the TWRP recovery screen,
~ do a Wipe on Dalvik and Cache,
~ Reboot system,
~ done.

*  If your current TWRP is of much older version, you may need to update it first to version; then go about update it to the latest version, eg.  TWRP



The TWRP Manager comes with several convenient options,


After flashing updated TWRP, it will reboot into TWRP homepage,


Remember to Wipe Dalvik and Cache,


System reboot in progress,



With newer/latest TWRP Recovery installed, you can flash newer custom Roms (eg. Lollipop 5.0.2 etc.) without problem.

I have updated my Sony XPERIA S from TWRP to the latest TWRP using this method, no PC and USB ADB required. Whole process was done on the device. Quick and safe.
Good bye to problems as described below, based on some other more complicated approaches:



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